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How to Stop Anxiety and Overthinking

Anxiety (defined by Word Web dictionary) “is a relatively permanent state of worry and nervousness occurring in a variety of mental disorders, usually accompanied by compulsive behavior or attacks of panic”.

“Anxiousness is a vague unpleasant emotion that is experienced in anticipation of some (usually ill-defined) misfortune”.

There are many “unpleasant” ways to define anxiety but it is simple to remember this; anxiety means worries that are usually accompanied by unfortunate circumstances.

Overthinking usually happens when one isn’t as fulfilled as expected; when a failure occurs but often times, we are blindfolded by the bitter truths of life. We oftentimes get very comfortable with blaming things on what’s not real.

I am of the belief that overthinking is caused by not taking enough action and effort required to see expected results. This often happens:
When we give up too soon,When we lose focus,When we are not just ready to make it work,When we don’t believe in what we do,W…

Quick and Easy Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite

This unwanted dimple-looking wrinkling of the skin called celluliteis been talked about mostly in the women's world, although, it is also present in the body of males.
There is a common misconception on the reasons why cellulite appears on some part of the body, some believe it is mostly caused by weight gain and address it to a common issue with fat women but the truth is that cellulite is also found on slim women and is mostly caused by; Age,Hormonal changes,Stretching and shrinking of the skin (weight gain and loss),Lack of exercise,Lack of good diet,Some synthetic skin-derived issues. Just as numerous as the cause of cellulite, so also are the methods of rid of cellulite from the body. You can choose to do it the exorbitant way or the low-priced way, you can also choose the synthetic methods or the natural methods,
...but one sure fact to keep in mind is that the exorbitant methods do not necessarily mean a permanent solution to the problem. Most times, people get quicker and …

Major Causes of Sexual Dysfunction in Males, and Solutions

Causes of Erectile/ Sexual Dysfunction in Males, and Solutions
These days you hear ladies complaining of their men not performing well in bed, some of these men have early ejaculation problems while some others experience a weak erection. 
This is one major reason for unfaithfulness in most relationships which ultimately leads to crisis, heartbreak, and much other emotional dissatisfaction known to man, and these issues are some of the immediate cause for the increasing use of sexual enhancers.

Questions have been asked, research(es) have been made as to the cause(s) of the numerous sexual dysfunctions known to man.

A lot of reasons are known to be some of the immediate or gradual cause(s) of sexual/ erectile dysfunction in men, but in this article, the major cause(s) of this problem shall be discussed.

However, when any form of sexual dysfunction is experienced, don't freak out, it could be a minor dysfunction at the moment caused by some of the factors that would be discussed in…

15 Advantages of Early Morning Water Therapy

The Advantages of Early Morning Water Therapy
Drinking of (especially luke-warm) water first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach) is a natural healthy ritual that has been long adopted by natives in so many phases of life and culture to prevent and cure some ailment known to history.
Most Asian culture, for instance, swears by this early morning water therapy custom.
Water as we all know is life to; Plants,Human,Animals,Skin,Hair,The entire body system.
But, have you ever wondered why plants are advised to be watered in the morning before the sun comes out and in the evening when the sun is out?
Have you also cared to know why you wash your skin (having baths) in the morning despite washing up before bedtime, and, still find specks of dirt in the bathtub?
So, the inner body system and all its activities also need to be washed just by drinking water (luke-warm recommended) every morning, and continuation should take place for the rest of the day.

The science and the importance of…

12 Reasons why you must Drink Enough Water Daily

Water makes up about three-quarter of the body composition, that channels the direct and indirect functionalities of the entire body system.

Water, as we all know, is life! Water gives life to plants and animals,Water gives life to the skin,Water gives life to Human in all aspect of life.
Water is a maintenance therapy to the body that promotes a long healthy life. 

It may surprise you to know that drinking enough water daily; from day to day, week to week, month to month, and, year to year is one major component of living strong, healthy and ageless until its time to kick the natural normal bucket 😁.
See drinking enough water daily as a vital fuelling maintenance routine of the body as seen in the case of automobiles.

Of course, most people have heard of how important it is to drink enough water on a daily basis but are yet unsure of how much water to drink daily and the advantages of the famous “morning water therapy” for good health and long life.

It is clear enough how vital drinking l…

Stress Management: 7 Ways to Manage Stress

Stress management: 7 Ways to Manage Stress
Wikipedia defines stress management as a wide spectrum of techniques and psychotherapies aimed at controlling a person's level of stress. 
For the purpose of improving everyday living /function.
Here in Nigeria, people have always engulfed with pursuance for wealth that it makes them neglect themselves health wise. 
They ignore symptoms when they see it. (it's an ordinary headache, it will stop)let me refer to an incident that happened recently with a lady during one of our health outreach at a popular bank.
She was listening to the health presentation and afterward her colleagues were all coming up for a personal health check. I noticed she isolated herself and was on her own. 
I walked up to her and engaged here in a conversation on why she is alone and shying away from the health check. Now her major fear was what if he/ she test's positive to any chronic ailment, a situation we face on a daily basis FEAR.

I got to convince he…