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7 Readings and Practice to Life

7 Readings and practice to life On the night before Easter Sunday, the Catholic church celebrates the eve of a new dawn, her risen Lord and saviour. The seven readings presented below has been interpreted to me exactly as I have written it down below.  In every sense of my reasoning I see it connected thus, and as a guide to living this life. Therefore, I decided it was worth sharing with everyone who makes good sense of it.  It is ok if it makes sense to you in a different way or if does'nt at all. for further readings and understanding of each of the seven passages, there'll be a guide for you, and I do hope it lifts up someone's spirit positively. Reading No. 1.  God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good (Genesis 1) Caption: The creation and perfection of God's love and creation. There is a begining to everything, and so it was, beautiful! everything from the biblical history of creation has been designed by God to nurture and take care of

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Abuja Young Entrepreneur Empress Eudorah Celebrate Birthday In Style. (photos)

It is obviously a special day for Abuja based young entrepreneur Empress Eudorah as she adds one today. The publisher of exclusively and privately marks birthday in style with her family members. Known for her simplicity and humility, the Imo state born pretty damsel celebrated her day with joy while thanking God for seeing a new year in her age. The softly spoken graduate of the University of Abuja with masters in the view from the same institution uses her platform to educate and guide readers on how to undertake different endeavors. Beautiful Empress is at an advanced stage of setting up her company which specializes in beauty care products, fashions outfits, and other sundry health packages.  According to her " I am truly excited to mark this day when I look back on how the journey started for me, all I have to do is to thank God, His grace has been sufficient for me. There is a lot still in the pipeline which is yet to show to the worl