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How to Beautify your Home Without Spending a Fortune

When one thinks of beautifying their home, what comes to mind is buying;
new furniture,purchasing beautiful curtains,changing the floor tiles etc. While these are sure ways to raise the aesthetic of your home, the above can cost a pretty penny. 

While you may like to have that refreshing atmosphere in your home, you might have the budget to back it.

Here are ways your interior decoration can be done by combining the color with functionality in your home without having to rob a bank.
Painting your room (Motifs and designs)
Painting your room is a sure and easy way to begin your interior decoration. you can do this yourself, whether male or female.

It is actually fun to do this. so let's begin the tutorial. For this, you will need to obtain the following;
A gallon of white paint.A gallon of any other paint, (maximum of 3 paint types)paint brush and paint roller3 containers (for mixing the paint)Masking tapea ruler PreparationSelect a long, conspicuous wall in the interior of you…

Easy Throw-Pillow Craft Tutorial

Easy Cushion Throw-Pillow Tutorial Lovers of fashion will definitely have fun with this one as it allows you to delve into your innermost artistic self to produce beautiful and well-thought put patterns.

Requirements are as follows;New or old beautiful clothes (wrappers, jeans, etc),Needle and thread/sewing machine,The inner foam of an old mattress or purchased industrial foam. Okay let's go create fun cushions for our living rooms with the following steps;
Step 1Cut the wrapper in square or rectangle shapes.

Step 2Sew or stitch fabric on 3 sides and then it inside out

Step 3Pinch foam into little pieces for amiability

Step 4Fill in the desired amount of foam pieces taking into consideration personal comfort.

Step 5Close the opening. 

Voila! You have converted your old clothes into beautiful furniture pieces that brighten up your home considerably.

For a happy and new age look, you could experiment with your old jeans. Don't forget to take out the buttons and zipper so as to p…

Easy Cement Candle Holder Tutorial

Vessels and tabletops include jars, bowls and decorative pieces that can be used to hang or put beautiful ornaments in and for other little keepsakes.

In this tutorial, we will make a cement candle holder or stand (whatever you prefer to call it) together.

To make this you will need the following:
Cement,Mould (Silicone, rubber or resin),Plastic containers (different sizes for variation),A paper Box,Cutter or knife,Chisel and/ or screwdriver,A hammer,Candlestick,Sandpaper,Spray paint.Steps to making a Candlestick holder or flower vaseStep 1 Select a plastic container (Preferably one that tapers into the narrow neck at the top),The large size of a used plastic water bottle will suffice,Cut a space of 5cm from the top. This should give it a larger opening at the top.Step 2 Prepare your cement mixture,Pour it into the container and let it sit for 4 minutes,Insert a candle into it and leave it in for 35 seconds.Leave it to harden further for 50 minutes.Cut away the plastic container ar…

How to love a Typical Nigerian Man - 17 Rewarding Ways

Whew', it is entirely a big deal to find true love these days, and another ultimate quest to understand him when he is finally found.

But you see, the aspect of keeping a man? that one is a story for another day. You will need serious consultation from heaven and on earth to achieve this.

If you have just arrived Nigeria, or you have a Nigerian on your top dating list, here are points to note so you don't send him packing the very next week of his arrival.

So, here are 17 ways to love and keep your Nigerian sugar-pie:

1. Cook for him: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and I can tell you this of a Nigerian brother; he doesn't joke with his stomach, you have to learn the act and art of cooking for him.

I'm sure you know how much even yourself will enjoy a delicious meal, so cook well and he'll keep coming back home for more. 2. Leave his phone alone: I'd like to emphasize on one thing, đŸ‘‰ "privacy". for a relationship to work whether wi…

The Secrets of Aging Gracefully

Aging is a natural phenomenon and basic characteristics of the human race, it is a continuous and a spontaneous change in the growth process of the body of a living thing (man) beginning at Birth and ends at Death.  Aging is normal in the lifespan of every individual, these are some of the aging processes: » The hair turns gray » the nails become brittle » the skin loses it Elasticity and begins to wrinkle » Kidney functioning slows down » the efficiency of the Heart to pump blood begins to weaken e.t.c. 
Aging is a progressive damage of cells and a decrease in the functioning of the body system over time, essentially our body wear out due to ''use'' once these body cells begin to wear out they no longer perform their functions as required, although all of the physical characteristics of aging are inevitable and they vary in individuals and are directly related to a person's overall lifestyle. 

If a person engages in the certain de…

10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your loved one

10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your loved one
It's the season of Love, the moment we have long waited for. It's time to receive lovely gifts, compliments, appreciation and love vows, It's time to meet old friends and make new friends, the lists go on and on. 
There are so many things to do on Valentine's Day, here's a few; 15 things to do on Valentine's Day. Here are 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your loved one1.Scented Candles:  Candles so bright and beautiful with lovely fragrance will cheer your Lover or friend or family on a day like this. 
There are many shapes, colors, and fragrance out there for pick-up. A little trick here will do; get to know His/ Her color preference, the best shape to express your purpose accompanied by a lovely fragrance to bring out smiles from His/ Her face. 2.A Lovely Bath-Tub Date:
It could be in your living apartment or in a nice hotel suite. It could also be a surprise date or a planned one, whichever it …

15 things to do on Valentine’s Day

15 things to do on Valentine’s Day

It’s here again, it’s the season of Love, it’s February 14, its Valentine’s Day. There’s a history behind the famous Valentine’s Day which we all should know. 
I’ll make it brief and precise. It all started in Rome with a priest of Rome who assisted persecuted Christians and was killed for it. There are many ways to celebrate Valentine's Day. In some countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February while in others. 
Valentine’s Day is celebrated on other dates depending on the country’s calendar, other belief, and cultural practices and preferences. Notable Valentine’s Day Celebration and Status The custom of gifting flowers, cards, chocolates, bangles and watches with other gift items is said to have originated from the United Kingdom, In China, Valentine’s Day is called “lovers Festival” In some culture and custom, it is marked by a fashion day known as the “white day” when most young people dress beautifully in white to celebra…

How to Start a Business

A business is something that should be put into serious consideration before starting it up. First, you should know what a business is before we look at how to start a business. Definition of Business Business is an organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for goods and services or for money. Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit. Before you start a business, here are the basic steps you must consider. These steps are important to begin a business, whether large or small scale. If neglected, it will be difficult to start a business, and even though you succeed in starting your business, it may not be successful and might not last. I call these elements the 5Ws and 1H formula. If this formula is properly applied, you are on your way to becoming a successful business person. These steps are; Which businessWhy the businessWhere to startWhen to startHo…

11 Ways To Grow Your Money

It is quite easy to grow your money, some people don't just know how. These steps can also be applied to growing your business as well. 1. Create legitimate multiple sources of income
create two or more business outlets and expect something tangible monthly or annually. Put all necessary security in place as you can’t be everywhere at the same time and effortlessly get more income than you would have with just one source of income. Legitimate business gives you peace of mind and stability in your business, as you really need this to grow your business and money. 2. Save at least 10 per cent of your income Make it a strict habit to save at least 10 percent of your income, you can set your income on automatic transfer to a fixed deposit account and within a year you’ll discover that you have so much on a separate account to do whatever you like, but for the purpose of this topic, reinvest your saved 10 percent income so as to further grow your money. 3. Invest a portion of your income