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5 Most Important Survival Strategies you Must Know Today

The five most important survival strategies you must know today is as simple as knowing the key elements of association with people of different character traits; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Of course, I know that at least a little cash, some rich friends, and so on, already has made it to most people's top priority list of the most important survival strategy but some things are more important than the obvious. In order to summarize my point, I would simply say that the best way to go around this is to always look for the good in people, not their flaws, but be a tough cookie though because most folks out there do not give a damn. Everyone was created with some special trait that you don’t possess… therefore, everyone out here is important.  But, Don’t ever forget this; You are in this jungle of life alone because some folks out here are the true definition of “selfishness” and “cruelty” MY POINT? Selfishness and cruelty is the best strategy for many, and

11 Foods to Improve Your Sex Drive Today

Humans have searched and developed different ways to boost their sex drive, some of the methods are extremely harsh and unbeneficial in the long run to human health. Today, I present to you the 11 best foods to improve your sex drive naturally without breaking the bank, getting intoxicated, and destroying your body system.    One thing you should keep in mind with achieving this ultimate goal is the fact that when your body system is calm and relaxed, the blood flows swiftly and can trigger the sensual senses for a nice romantic experience. So, without much talking and explanation, let's get into it.  1. Dark Chocolate An antioxidant called flavanols found in cocoa relaxes the blood vessels and helps increase blood flow.  Taking dark chocolate has been a tradition and one of the most patronized items for valentine's day, it is no new news of what magic this yummy gift can do for you in your quest for a quiet lovely night with your significant other. 2. Red Wine When taken moder

7 Readings and Practice to Life

7 Readings and practice to life On the night before Easter Sunday, the Catholic church celebrates the eve of a new dawn, her risen Lord and saviour. The seven readings presented below has been interpreted to me exactly as I have written it down below.  In every sense of my reasoning I see it connected thus, and as a guide to living this life. Therefore, I decided it was worth sharing with everyone who makes good sense of it.  It is ok if it makes sense to you in a different way or if does'nt at all. for further readings and understanding of each of the seven passages, there'll be a guide for you, and I do hope it lifts up someone's spirit positively. Reading No. 1.  God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good (Genesis 1) Caption: The creation and perfection of God's love and creation. There is a begining to everything, and so it was, beautiful! everything from the biblical history of creation has been designed by God to nurture and take care of

How to Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic; - Is the COVID-19 Pandemic a blessing or a curse? - Financial advice at a crucial time like this, - How to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, - How it all started. "A pneumonia of unknown cause detected in Wuhan, China was first reported to the WHO country office in China on 31 December 2019" (WHO) . On the 30th of January 2020, the outbreak of Coronavirus was declared a public health emergency concern and as such should be contained mostly by social distancing until a solution is found. The December 2019 pandemic which started in Wuhan, China has taken a toll on planet earth leaving no stone unturned as it has directly or indirectly affected the human social and economic existence as; Our freedom of movement has been affected, Our social life has been disrupted, and Our economic activities have been halted, All in a bid to curtail the spread of the COVID-19. Is the COVID-19 Pandemic a Blessing or a Curse? Wel

Ten Successful Habits of the Rich

After doing many comparative studies on some of the rich and famous people existing amongst us, I realized that they all have some habits in common. Well, Without wasting much time, let's take a look at the most common successful habits of the rich. 1. They Think and Dream Big If you haven’t already read the book by Napoleon Hill, titled “Think and grow rich” then you should at this point in time. As the name implies and rightly so, you becoming a multi-billionaire must begin with the desire, that is, you must nurture it from your mind. In one of his starting pages, he clearly mentioned that in order for you to become rich, you must first know what you want the most, be it: Money, Fame, Contentment, Peace of mind, Personality, Power, Happiness or anything at all that tickles you’re fancy. How little or huge you think or desire a project determines how little or huge your actions and subsequently your achievements will be. Having said that, it is pertinen

20 Things you should not take along with you to 2020

Many write-ups are based mostly on personal views, some of which are products of life events and experiences that have been in existence ages ago. This article is one of such as it affects over 95% of the human race. There are times we do things that we wish we could take back, and there are times we experience certain things that we wish never happened. Now, there’s a thin line between doing something and never wanting to do it ever again; as well as never wanting to experience a thing ever again. That thin line is YOU. YOU are the BIG CHANGE that must happen to you in order for you to either be happy or sad. My name is Eudorah, and I believe I’m not the only one who sees 2020 as a new start to a life of great opportunities, happiness, fulfillment, and progress; but to achieve these, there must be a CHANGE that’ll have to come with lots of efforts, strength, focus, faith, and love. Enough with the introductions already... let us go straight to the 20 things you should not