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How to Stop Anxiety and Overthinking

Anxiety (defined by Word Web dictionary) “is a relatively permanent state of worry and nervousness occurring in a variety of mental disorders, usually accompanied by compulsive behavior or attacks of panic”.

“Anxiousness is a vague unpleasant emotion that is experienced in anticipation of some (usually ill-defined) misfortune”.

There are many “unpleasant” ways to define anxiety but it is simple to remember this; anxiety means worries that are usually accompanied by unfortunate circumstances.

Overthinking usually happens when one isn’t as fulfilled as expected; when a failure occurs but often times, we are blindfolded by the bitter truths of life. We oftentimes get very comfortable with blaming things on what’s not real.

I am of the belief that overthinking is caused by not taking enough action and effort required to see expected results. This often happens:
When we give up too soon,When we lose focus,When we are not just ready to make it work,When we don’t believe in what we do,W…

20 Things you should not take along with you to 2020

Many write-ups are based mostly on personal views, some of which are products of life events and experiences that have been in existence ages ago. This article is one of such as it affects over 95% of the human race.

There are times we do things that we wish we could take back, and there are times we experience certain things that we wish never happened. Now, there’s a thin line between doing something and never wanting to do it ever again; as well as never wanting to experience a thing ever again.

That thin line is YOU. YOU are the BIG CHANGE that must happen to you in order for you to either be happy or sad.

My name is Eudorah, and I believe I’m not the only one who sees 2020 as a new start to a life of great opportunities, happiness, fulfillment, and progress; but to achieve these, there must be a CHANGE that’ll have to come with lots of efforts, strength, focus, faith, and love.

Enough with the introductions already... let us go straight to the 20 things you should not take al…

How to love a Typical Nigerian Man - 17 Rewarding Ways

Whew', it is entirely a big deal to find true love these days, and another ultimate quest to understand him when he is finally found.

But you see, the aspect of keeping a man? that one is a story for another day. You will need serious consultation from heaven and on earth to achieve this.

If you have just arrived Nigeria, or you have a Nigerian on your top dating list, here are points to note so you don't send him packing the very next week of his arrival.

So, here are 17 ways to love and keep your Nigerian sugar-pie:

1. Cook for him: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and I can tell you this of a Nigerian brother; he doesn't joke with his stomach, you have to learn the act and art of cooking for him.

I'm sure you know how much even yourself will enjoy a delicious meal, so cook well and he'll keep coming back home for more. 2. Leave his phone alone: I'd like to emphasize on one thing, đŸ‘‰ "privacy". for a relationship to work whether wi…

Ways to Get Rid of Lowliness, Anger, and Frustration

The things I do when I feel lowly and frustrated in life 
Sometimes my life can get saturated with anger, frustration, pain, lack of motivation and I just want to give up ( i don’t mean giving up the ghost though).  Although, I, like many others are privileged to have the basic needs of life like; A roof over our heads, At least two square meals per day, Love and unity from family and friends, And most of all, answers to our daily prayers.  ...but you see, sometimes life just happens that when you look around, you don’t get to see the basic things you have that most people don’t, you only see and hunger aggressively for those things you don’t have. 

I find myself in this boat often, you can call it ungratefulness, greed, stupidity or foolishness. I like to call it a natural quest for more. 
You see, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be more than you already are, but doing or trying to get it the wrong way is when it is a sin and crime to humanity. 
Life can so happen in such a way…

How to Develop Yourself - 28 Ways to Self Development

The key to realizing that much we can achieve with our time is to understand how little but important our productive life here on earth is. 
We often spend most of our time doing things that are not close to our goals and aspirations or even close to our potentials.
Endeavor to constantly explore your willpower and you will be marveled at the things you can achieve in as much as it is believed that the wealthiest place in the world is not in the middle east where there are oils on the ground

Or, in South Africa where there are diamonds in the mines, neither is it in the gold regions of the world but it is in the cemetery where genuine talents are buried, unrealized nor exploited.
Books unwritten and ideas never developed burry the potential we came to live with. We must always be in competition within ourselves in taking persevered steps towards achieving our desired goals.
The phrase “comfort zone” is for non-progressive minded people. Always remember that the world is an ocean and …

10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your loved one

10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your loved one
It's the season of Love, the moment we have long waited for. It's time to receive lovely gifts, compliments, appreciation and love vows, It's time to meet old friends and make new friends, the lists go on and on. 
There are so many things to do on Valentine's Day, here's a few; 15 things to do on Valentine's Day. Here are 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your loved one1.Scented Candles:  Candles so bright and beautiful with lovely fragrance will cheer your Lover or friend or family on a day like this. 
There are many shapes, colors, and fragrance out there for pick-up. A little trick here will do; get to know His/ Her color preference, the best shape to express your purpose accompanied by a lovely fragrance to bring out smiles from His/ Her face. 2.A Lovely Bath-Tub Date:
It could be in your living apartment or in a nice hotel suite. It could also be a surprise date or a planned one, whichever it …