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Best 15 White Wedding Dresses for Every Stylish Bride

The Best 15 White Wedding Dresses for Every Stylish Bride A wedding day is a big deal of a day when two love birds decide to come together as one. It is a day where creativity in fashion reveals itself, and a day where the bride and groom are the centers of attraction. The bride, as well as the groom, are expected to be on their best outfit and this is where Empress Eudorah's blog comes in with helpful suggestions on best 15 white wedding dresses for every stylish bride. With any piece of information, you find online or offline on the history of "wedding", you will find out that  "the white wedding dress"  is written all over it starting with Queen Victoria of England (1840) who made it a popular trend for most bride on their wedding celebrations up till date.  White wedding dresses have made a great name for itself in the fashion world but then we also have beautiful colored wedding dresses for brides who would rather go for somet

23 Colored Wedding Dress Ideas for Unique Brides

Every social event gets people actively creative, in search for the best outfit that will wow the rest of the congregation but guys... this one is no ordinary event. A wedding ceremony is one where the main focus of the day is on two cute love birds who have fallen in love and despite all odds come together openly to vow never to become two anymore but ONE until death do them part. Well, you know the rest of the story... One striking fact about a wedding ceremony is that the focus on a couple of the day should be astonishing, one to reckon with, that's why the bride, as well as the groom, must be beautifully kitted up for their big day. Another fact about a wedding event is that originally, the brides put on a beautiful flowing mermaid dress usually white in color while the groom is nicely dressed in a suite. How about changing the original old fashioned trend to something new like a charming colored princess wedding dresses for unique and creative

What is My Skin Type?

What is My Skin Type?  Table of Contents  - What is “skin type”? (What does “skin type” mean?)  - What is my skin type?  - Why is it Important to Know my Skin Type?  - How do I know my skin type? A lot of questions are being asked about;  What is “skin type”?  What is my skin type?  Why is it Important to Know my Skin Type?  How do I know my skin type?  Well, this article is here to answer your questions.  What is “skin type”?  (The meaning of skin type) Skin type is the description and interpretation of how and why your skin looks and feels the way it does. The skin is essential to a person’s survival. The skin forms a barrier that helps prevent harmful components from entering the body. When it comes to skin care products, the skin according to type reacts either positively or negatively to what enters into it (the skin). In order to help us know what kind of skin food (in skin care products) to feed our skin with,

32 Skin Care tips for Normal Skin

32 Skin Care Tips for Normal Skin For the awesome fact that you've got many beautiful women's' dream skin type, does not mean that all is automatically well, without taking care of your skin to maintain it's luxurious properties in normal circumstance, it may turn your all-loving and admirable skin to something else overnight. Source: Pixabay. For some individuals, normal skin type can be somewhat difficult to identify.  Individuals with normal skin type can neither say their skin is dry nor oily, but it could be sensitive to some natural and/ or environmental factors, And this goes for any skin type, especially when involved with allergies and improper skin care maintenance culture. First, it is important to know your skin type, you can do that using these two practical methods on how to determine (know) your skin type . Normal skin type is generally marked by the following characteristics: The normal skin type is neither too oily