Emakelvn's Graphic Designs, Customization and Printing on any Material

Graphic Design and Printing

Customizations and printing on paper, fabrics of all sort, hard and soft materials, and so on.

Types of customization:
Graphic designs,
Logo designs,
Complimentary cards,
Wedding/ greeting cards,
Photo editing,
Print on any material, etc.

All sizes: customizable according to the client’s preference(s).

Types of printing:
Digital printing,
Offset printing,
Letterpress printing,
Screen printing,


Order details:
Send your preference(s) of:
i.   Type of customization
ii.  Type of material:
iii. Size of the material:
iv.  Print materials:

Copy and paste your provided information on the above i – iv and send via;
Email to: emakelvn@yahoo.com
Contact phone: +2348022247400

For negotiations and direct purchase, contact us on:

Instagram: @Emakelvn


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