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About the Author

My name is Eudorah. I was born on the 22nd of November 199?😜. I am cool, calm and coordinated, a lover of Arts and Craft, Music and everything beautiful and natural. I love to research, paint, write, sing and cook.

Blogging has come to be one of my favorite hobbies 😊 as with this act, I get to enjoy knowing more and more about improving on; BEING GORGEOUS, HEALTHY, WRITING and my overall CREATIVE LIFE.

Very characteristic of me is the fact that; I am a lover of everything creative and beautiful, and I mostly roll out most of my creative life and works on my Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube.
So, you can catch-up on my frequent activities on the above provided social links.

About Blog

This blog is fully dedicated to helping you achieve a happy, gorgeous and healthy lifestyle; with beauty, fashion, inspiration, and colorful creativity, in place.

With all said and done, I am happy to share with you the following Labels (Categories) with brief examples on what to expect from each:


Articles on "Elegance" are for Men, Women, and Kids of all age and race. Enjoy direct and indirect articles on;
  • Skincare, haircare, nail care, makeup, beauty care products, homemade beauty products, recipes, tips, and tricks.
  • Fashion Ideas, fashion accessory, and many more!


Articles on "Wellness" are for Men, Women, and Kids of all age and race. These articles are geared towards helping you achieve both in-wards and outer BEAUTY. You are promised articles on;
  • Healthy living tips, nutrition, fitness, and many more!


Articles on "Lifestyle" is also for everyone; Men, women, kids, of all age and race. Be sure to have fun articles on;
  • Adventure, recipes, creativity, DIY projects, discoveries, tips, and tricks, general lifestyle and a lot more...


Articles on Inspiration are for everyone. Enjoy!

My Diary

Articles on "My Diary" is for every creative personality who want to be inspired and motivated in the beautiful world of creativity, as I roll out contents on;
  • My creative works, my discoveries, my experiments, exploration, inventions, self-expression, and overall new possibilities.

Reasons Behind this Blog

The main aim for creating this blog is to share my adventurous life experience and research on natural beauty care, fashion, colorful creativity, and a happy/ healthy lifestyle; and mostly to integrate with people and culture from far and wide this world.

To also strengthen through motivation and inspiration, the minds of people within my friend circle.

What we do

We proudly bring to you inspiration, ideas, tips and solutions to help you live a happy, gorgeous, healthy and creative life.

We influence the healthy living, fashion, beauty, brands and any creative work in contents through this blog, and on our numerous social media platforms and beyond.


This blog will benefit every:
  • Natural person, researcher, and blogger, a brand looking for an audience, natural beauty enthusiast, fashion lover, person(s) in need of motivation | inspiration, lover of art and craft, stylish person, and, healthy lifestyle lover/ enthusiast.

If you like to join this selfless movement, if you wish to share your ideas, you are welcome to do so. You can email me directly via empresseudorah@yahoo.com.
I am NOT a perfect being, as a matter of fact, I may be wrong or right in some things, this is why I need you to be nice and polite while airing your views, thoughts, recommendations, questions or suggestions.
Let's try to make this Platform a friendly zone. Thank You.

Until we meet, Cheers   👌


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