5 Survival Strategies to Live by

The five most important survival strategies you must know today are as simple as knowing the key elements of association with people of different character traits; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Of course, I know that at least a little cash, some rich friends, and so on, already has made it to most people's top priority list of the most essential survival strategy but some things are more important than the obvious.

In order to summarize my point, I would simply say that the best way to go around this is to always look for the good in people, not their flaws, but be a tough cookie though because most folks out there do not give a damn.

Everyone was created with some special trait that you don’t possess… therefore, everyone out here is important.


Don’t ever forget this;

You are in this jungle of life alone because some folks out here are the true definition of “selfishness” and “cruelty”


Selfishness and cruelty is the best strategy for many, and you shouldn’t be a victim all the time.

That is why you had to experience the little hurt, betrayal, false accusations, and inhumane condemnation so that you'd know and learn.

Despite the chaos and pollution,

There are still angels on earth, and a lot of beauty the universe holds for you.

But in journeying through the gold mines of life, a few tips will help make a positive difference;


1. Always be acquainted with the Guardian Spirit

We are familiar with the voices in our head telling us YEAH or NAY when faced with a decision, those voices are our guardian spirit of either good or evil.

You know you've made a good decision when your choice and subsequent actions bring peace within you and put a smile on someone's face.

2. When it doesn’t bring you peace, let it go

When it doesn't give you peace within, you know it's the wrong decision and just let it go.

3. Focus on you

Credit: Dan Lok

Focusing on yourself does two things for you, 
  1. It builds you up and classifies your uniqueness and potential 
  2. You defocus on every other form of distractive noise pollution in the world, be it envious fellow, social media distractive lies, and every other person but yourself in achieving the goal you were created for.

4. Mind your business

When you focus on yourself, you master the art of minding your business and growing and improving on nothing else but you and yourself

5. Be genuine yet cautious

Being authentic yet cautious is a rule you must never neglect not even for a day.

Because like I earlier mentioned, many folks out there will take much advantage of your being nice, and will reap you off at any opportunity they get and they'll do this with impunity.

This is why you should be genuine, good, kind, helpful but careful.


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