Ten Successful Habits of the Rich

After doing many comparative studies on some of the rich and famous people existing amongst us, I realized that they all have some habits in common.

Well, Without wasting much time, let's take a look at the most common successful habits of the rich.

1. They Think and Dream Big

If you haven’t already read the book by Napoleon Hill, titled “Think and grow rich” then you should at this point in time.

As the name implies and rightly so, you becoming a multi-billionaire must begin with the desire, that is, you must nurture it from your mind.

In one of his starting pages, he clearly mentioned that in order for you to become rich, you must first know what you want the most, be it:
  • Money,
  • Fame,
  • Contentment,
  • Peace of mind,
  • Personality,
  • Power,
  • Happiness or anything at all that tickles you’re fancy.
How little or huge you think or desire a project determines how little or huge your actions and subsequently your achievements will be.
Having said that, it is pertinent to understand thus, why the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Steve Jobs are who they are today. One important thing to learn from the rich is the fact that they started with “the big picture” in their head.

2. They Plan

Once they are able to understand the purpose of their quest of acquiring wealth, they plan their moves, step by step leaving no stone unturned.

I must say that there is a lot of discipline that comes with planning, and being able to withstand distractions is one thing that’ll get your ball rolling, and of course, I’ll mention a few. They are:
  • Distractions from haters and fake friends,
  • Distractions/ deviation from the main course of action,
  • Wavering belief,
  • Non-conformity of your expectations,
  • Fear of failure,
  • Fear of being beat-down by established opponents.
When you are able to fight these distractions and you’re able to stay focus, the sky becomes your starting point.

3. They Develop and Spread their Tentacles

Rich people never made it being an island. If you already are an island and you want to become rich, you must learn to bring people in, tolerate them, and work with them.

Rich people develop the habit of mingling with like-minded people and others who definitely have something to offer.

They don’t care about how they are perceived or seen by others, all that matters is that they know the ingredients needed to make their cup of coffee exotic, and they are going for it.

4. They Make Friends with the Rich

Rich people have affiliation with one another. Sometimes its nothing personal, just business, and it's sure working for them.
Being rich isn’t limited to having material possessions alone, I’m talking about those who have something to offer. It could be an idea, a skill, or a network to success.

Sometimes all one needs to get to the top of his game is the right network and nothing more, and rich people know that.

5. They Save

Every penny they save, have a potential reason and you know what that is? It is to multiply their asset, create branches and keep growing. They know the benefits of saving money, they know how to grow their money, and they don’t compromise doing that at all.

6. They Invest

Rich people know the importance of investment, in fact, they are known for explaining the term “investment” in ways you may have never heard of. They teach and preach:
  • Investment on self,
  • Investment of funds,
  • Investment of time.
Believe me when I tell you that these investments are not as easy as you may think for so many people out there. It takes a lot of discipline and practice to achieve this and once you’re able to, you’ll be smiling to the bank always.

7. They strictly obey the wake-up call

Rich people are always on the move, working non-stop on schedules, and as amazing as they are, they do not ignore the wake-up call.

At first, I thought there's something in their DNA that makes them function that way because personally speaking, I use to have my lazy days and it was like scheduled for 6 days in a week, and when I started out with disciplining myself to become hard-working and productive, it was tough for a while but right now I'm happy to tell you that I also have the DNA. 
I even wake up a few seconds before my alarm clock because my body system has adjusted to my new excitingly productive routine.

8. They meet at least 90% of their Target

Rich people become and remain rich because they are able to plan well and meet at least 90% of their target. That is just a simple explanation as to how they made it and are still making it.

9. They leave out the unnecessary luxury

Rich people understand that unnecessary luxury is most times a liability and a distraction, and distractions are one thing they can't afford to handle.

Speaking of understanding the needful, have you observed that most of the rich people especially the ones mentioned earlier in this article are simple and exhibit a character of humility? Well, I do, and I believe its because they know what they want, have gone through stages to get to where they are and also because they are focused on the needful.

10. They Research, Study and Learn

This may mean nothing intriguing to you but the truth is that rich people are knowledgeable people and knowledge comes:
  • Mysteriously (divine),
  • From research,
  • From studying (archived books, or people around us), and
  • From learning.
Having said that,
I look forward to your recommendations and suggestions on this topic, in the comment section below.

I urge you to share this piece of information, as I have selflessly put it together to create awareness for the common good of humanity.

Thank you for your time.


  1. Fantastic and intelligent write-up. Kudos to the author. If the steps are practiced , financial success is guaranteed.

    1. Thank you very much Dr. :) i'm happy you like the article :)


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