20 Things you should not take along with you to 2020

Many write-ups are based mostly on personal views, some of which are products of life events and experiences that have been in existence ages ago. This article is one of such as it affects over 95% of the human race.

There are times we do things that we wish we could take back, and there are times we experience certain things that we wish never happened. Now, there’s a thin line between doing something and never wanting to do it ever again; as well as never wanting to experience a thing ever again.

That thin line is YOU. YOU are the BIG CHANGE that must happen to you in order for you to either be happy or sad.

My name is Eudorah, and I believe I’m not the only one who sees 2020 as a new start to a life of great opportunities, happiness, fulfillment, and progress; but to achieve these, there must be a CHANGE that’ll have to come with lots of efforts, strength, focus, faith, and love.

Enough with the introductions already... let us go straight to the 20 things you should not take along with you to the year 2020.

1. Drama

No matter the area it is, drama puts you in a rough state of mind and disposition which irritates your thinking and behavior towards those around you. Whether it is coming from your spouse, neighbor, or colleague, this you must avoid in 2020.

2. An Unfaithful Spouse

When you think about this carefully, you’ll find out that emotional drama is one of the greatest forces against having peace of mind, being productive, and having progress.

If your spouse is obviously not faithful, you should do yourself a favor because one thing you do not want to share with your spouse is a disease you know nothing about. This will put your life apart for a long time and you definitely don’t need such in 2020

3. Fake Friends

No one is trying to preach negativity here, it's a fact of life, and only when you look closely will you see that most people around you pretending to love you don’t really care about you.

Don’t let their cheap disguise confuse you. Try as much as possible to detect these lying fellows and cut them out of your life as soon as possible.

4. People Pleasing 

Again, being yourself is one sure thing you need to be always. People only see what their chaotic imaginations of you tell them. If it is a good thing, then you’re lucky but otherwise, who cares? They don’t, and so should you.

Bending too much for such people will only make you weak, invaluable, and vulnerable and you’ll be at their merciless ridicule at all times.

5. Greediness 

A little to the left, a little to the right. This article is not just about what you get for being human but also what you give. Greediness is accompanied by anger, grief, and dissemination of inappropriate behaviors of which you will definitely hurt someone’s feelings at some point.


This article only covers “20 Things you should not take along with you to 2020”. Subsequently, we will update ways how to tackle some of these natural delinquencies in us. Subscribe to this blog for notifications on such updates.

6. Jealousy

You can only be jealous of who and what’s better than you are. Instead of wasting so much energy on being jealous, redirect and focus your energy on being a better YOU for the world to see and admire.

7. Laziness

You’ve got to dump your lazy personality before crossing to 2020. When you're lazy;
a. You gain weight,
b. You're not creative and productive,
c. You don’t have the drive to look stunning always,
d. You procrastinate a lot of potential billion-dollar ideas and actions,
e. Your brain grows dull gradually, and,
f. You suck generally.

Don’t be lazy all the time in 2020 please, it’ll be a lose-lose situation and nobody wants that, not even you.

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8. Negative Imaginations and Assumptions

Try to keep this in mind; negative thinking affects your mood, your mood affects your behavior, your behavior affects what happens around you, so in your doings, always learn to Confront what needs to be confronted, quit what should be quitted, get rid of any situation that constantly steals your joy”.

In 2020, you don't have to be a sad person always just because of what you carefully craft out negatively in your head, the reverse should be the case for you.

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9. Silent Breakdown

In the year 2020, you should not be a silent broken person, learn to speak out no matter what. many who don’t care may mock and laugh at you without lending a helping hand but know that there’s always someone who’ll listen and may offer as meager as a word or two of encouragement that’ll put you back on track.

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10. Dishonesty

Have you ever imagined a world free from lies, pretense, and deceit? Well, some of you may think it is a forever impossible thing but believe this; “little drops of water make an ocean”, and oceans are connected all around the world, and even if not so, your neighboring surroundings will benefit from the goodness of your being honest. Make this a top priority in 2020 and you won’t regret it.

11. Indecency

Ok, you may be wondering what the heck that is. Well, it is the act of being polite and decent with spoken words and your general behavior.

Your words have the power to heal, kill, and affect lives whether yours or another's. So, being positive, reasonable, and careful with your words will save some emotional, chaotic, fragile, and troubled souls and situations in the year 2020. How cool is that?

12. Being Ungrateful

As self-explanatory as it is even with our personal experience of hurt when we are at the receiving side, many still take being ungrateful for granted.

You don’t weigh or compare what people do for you, no matter how little or great it is, everybody is important and until you realize this, you won’t see the need to say the simple word “thank you” to your janitor even though you pay him/ her.

Being grateful to your janitor, for instance, is a simple way of showing love even to those below you. Unless it is being taken for granted, be nice and grateful in 2020 to everyone around you for they serve a purpose in your life.

13. Emotional Unrest

In life, no one should be granted the ability to cause you any form of unrest. Peace of mind and happiness is a major key to good health and no one should take that from you.

If you have some unsure issues with your spouse, bring it to the table and discuss it leaving no stone unturned remember to be peaceful and polite with your words.

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14. Unhealthy Competitions

Competitions are good when handled the right way, but when it involves envy and jealousy, it could get messy and you do not want to be in 2020, trying to be someone else.

15. Chaotic Believing

Any belief system that is geared towards harming another is inhumane and should be frowned upon because it could be you hurting someone today, another person hurting your most cherished family member or a friend, or even you tomorrow.

"What goes around, comes around"
The pain you feel when it happens to you is nothing different from what another person feels. Try to keep this in mind as you step into the year 2020.

16. Unforgiveness

Truth be told, even I found this very tasking to get rid of at some point in my life, but when I finally did, it came with a surprising feeling and events of all-around relief, happiness, and progress.

You will need some psychological and spiritual training to achieve this if it is already hard for you but try to achieve this before the year 2020 and you’ll be smiling in fulfillment all year long.

17. Poor Planning

Before anything great was ever achieved in this life, there was proper planning in place. This should be a daily roadmap to everything you wish to achieve as it will guide you step by step and keep you focused on what needs to be done.

18. Self Encasement

Sometimes we feel it is right to shut the doors to our hearts probably because of the hurts we have been through. It is time to move on to something greater and better, you have to come out of your hiding place for the world to see the radiance of your personality and beauty.

Don’t for any reason change from being a good and sweet person just because of your rough days with rough and careless people for they came to toughen you up and open you up to the realities of life. All you need to do is to be mindful of such situations and people but never stop being YOU.

So do your sweet self a favor and shine brighter in 2020 because it is definitely your year of greatness.

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19. Procrastination

Do not procrastinate the beautiful ideas in your head, it is there waiting to materialize into what will be known in your name for ages to come. Time waits for no one, the earlier you make it happen, the better.

Don’t be limited, look around you, and start with what you already have, grow from there, link up with people that are of the same thought system as you are, and always keep in mind that greatness awaits you in 2020.

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20. Indiscipline

Self-discipline is one thing no one else but you must do for yourself, self-discipline is the one thing that no amount of education, preaching or punishment can give to you. Self-discipline is one true thing you need, to guide you along the right paths.

Try to get self-discipline amongst your many other achievements in life, you’ll need it in some areas of life where nothing else can save you.

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This article only covers “20 Things you should not take along with you to 2020”. We update helpful content on Elegance, Personal Development, Wellness, and Colorful Creativity to help beautify your sweet life. 


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