Natural Hair Therapy for Hair Restoration and Growth - 100% Effective

Having used many of the various promising/ expensive hair products flooding the global market, we still have broken, frizzy, discolored, damaged hair. However, we can get the most of the results when we use some of the natural foods and fruits that we grow in our backyards.

Nature has been blessed to solve humanity’s problem and us in turn, have been blessed with nature packed remedies to our problems, but the irony of it all is the fact that we pay little or no attention to what we have already been blessed with right from the time of creation.

On a more specific note, you can achieve that healthy and shiny hair that your heart beats for when you:
  • Research,
  • Mix, and, 
  • Apply.
These amazing hair treatment/ restoration recipes, without spending a fortune according to some notable hair restoration and skin rejuvenation therapists within our research frame, have been in use for over 100 years ago and is still in great use amongst many.

1. Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Hair Restoration and Growth

The use of essential oils for hair care otherwise known as aromatherapy has been in use right from the days of old. Essential oils like Rosemary, Lavender, Tea tree and sandalwood oils have both healthy and promising effects on hair rejuvenation and growth. 

Again, it is advised to do thorough research on the uses and possible side effects of any essential oil your heart beats for before use.

Here is a list of 9 essential oils for hair growth for further research.

2. Wash Regularly with Rice Water

Rice water for hair restoration and growth

One of the major enemy to hair damage is dirt and dandruff, in order to fight this annoying enemy, use a mixture of water and baking soda to wash your hair.

Baking soda can be somewhat drying though, but if you wish to soften this mixture a little bit, add some drops of honey to the mixture before washing your hair.

3. Avoid Using Hot Water to Wash your Hair

This is a no-no for especially damaged hairs; you do not want your already damaged hair to dry our the more, this will cause your hair to break. 

Use luke-warm water and in most cases cold water to wash your hair, then condition and moisturize afterward.

4. Be Gentle with your Hair

Whenever you wash your hair, use your finger-thumbs, not finger-nails to wash; also, you should gently massage the washing products not scrub your hair, there’s a difference and the result you get at the end of the day is amazing.

5. Condition your Hair with Raw Egg Mixture

Egg mix as conditioner for hair growth and restoration

This is one effective hair treatment that you should try out as soon as possible if you haven’t done so. Eggs are rich in biotin, and this makes it a healthy conditioner for hair rejuvenation and strong hair growth.

Use enough quantity to cover your entire hair while you gently massage this mixture into your scalp. Leave it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off. 

Research more on foods that are rich in Biotin, like wheat, mushrooms, and eggs; study to know its hair benefits and side effects and know the best ways to use them, you can either eat them or make a mix to apply on your hair.

6. Honey & Eggs for Hair Shine

Honey and eggs for hair shine, rejuvenation and growth

For that shiny remedy you’ve been looking for, prepare a mixture of raw eggs with honey and apply to your hair starting from the roots then gently massaging it on the entire hair

7. Protein Mix for Hair Rejuvenation

Protein mix conditioner rejuvenates your hair by applying protein-packed nutrients directly on your scalp. Mix honey, olive oil and yogurt together and apply on your scalp

8. Amino Acid Rich Foods

Amino acid-rich foods for hair health, restoration, rejuvenation and growth

Amino acids rich foods like eggs, meat, wheat, milk, fish, nuts, etc should be considered in your hair growth journey. Not only do they give life and nourishment to the hair but also to the skin.

Be sure to read on the hair benefits of amino acid for hair growth and the best foods for strong hair growth as I found it very educating.

9. Happiness, and Enough Sleep Time

happiness and enough sleep time for hair restoration and growth

You would agree with me that the more relaxed and happy you are, the more easily and successful every aspect of our life gets, and that includes your hair and skin life.

Get good quality sleep time and try as much as possible to distress your beautiful life as this may sometimes be the only solution to your hair and skin issues.

Stay tuned to this blog for upcoming updates on how to prepare hair and skin rejuvenating foods and products in the comfort of your home; they will be less expensive, easy to mix and effective for use.


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