How to love a Typical Nigerian Man - 17 Rewarding Ways

Whew', it is entirely a big deal to find true love these days, and another ultimate quest to understand him when he is finally found.

But you see, the aspect of keeping a man? that one is a story for another day. You will need serious consultation from heaven and on earth to achieve this.

If you have just arrived in Nigeria, or you have a Nigerian on your top dating list, here are points to note so you don't send him packing the very next week of his arrival.

So, here are 17 ways to love and keep your Nigerian sugar pie:

1. Cook for him

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and I can tell you this of a Nigerian brother; he doesn't joke with his stomach, you have to learn the act and art of cooking for him.

I'm sure you know how much even yourself will enjoy a delicious meal, so cook well and he'll keep coming back home for more.

2. Leave his phone alone

I'd like to emphasize one thing, 👉 "privacy". for a relationship to work whether with a Nigerian man or not, give him his space, especially by not interfering with his phone activities.

although there are aspects that should be addressed politely when the need arises, like; when he's unnecessarily paying more attention to his phone during meals instead of eating, and the likes.

but for the aspect of getting tempted to go through his phone, that one is a NO! NO!! for Nigerian men. 

3. Be friends with his friends 

You can be a platonic friend to his friends, and know when to keep to yourself as you know "too much of everything ain't right".

let's try this;
  • Invite them with his consent for launch or dinner once in a while, (make sure you cook well oh!),
  • Surprise them with their favorite drink get-together at home,
  • Allow his friends to be free with you around, so as to get some stress-free information that may be helpful in building your relationship,
  • Get to understand his friends.
lastly and most importantly, be his best friend.

4. Call and text him like your life depends on it

Well, this shouldn't be seen as an issue or stress at all. remember the write-ups that pop up every now and then on social media saying;
"Without communication, there's no relationship. Without respect, there is no love. Without trust, there's no reason to continue".
* although it comes in various vocabularies*

If you want to love a Nigerian man right, call and text him, they take pride and pleasure in that, especially in the midst of their friends. 

5. Don't even think of dating his friends

Every Nigerian man despises unfaithfulness and for most, it's unforgivable and unfixable especially when it happens with their own friends.

Believe me when I tell you that sometimes, such so-called friends take pride in doing it, and freely talks about it, so you want to avoid such an act like its a notorious plague running towards you.

6. Respect his mother (very important)

Some Nigerian men take this offense to the extreme, it is a taboo in most culture and is strictly frowned upon.

when you respect a Nigerian man's mother, you get a kind of endorsement that will promote you to the next level of maybe gaining free access to the family house or marriage.

7. Buy him gifts

Oh, how we females love the feeling of receiving gifts whether it's from a crush that's also our crush or a crush that provokes our spirit.

The man you date as well enjoys that same feeling, in fact, they enjoy it more than we do because it is largely, psychologically considered normal and very appropriate for females to receive gifts from males.

So when reverse is the case, they (males) become so wowed and excited at the little things we buy for them, even a teddy bear for him is perfect.

And I'm sure that feeling will make them smile even as they sleep. So buy them gifts, ok.

8. Profess your love to him continuously

This is what I like to call "the remembrance strategy". You should develop the habit of reciprocating the exact same gestures that makes you happy like telling him;
  • how cute his hair or beards are, 
  • how much you love him from day one till date, 
  • how much you wish you met him earlier and so on.
BUT PLEASE! mean it, don't tell lies for the sake of pleasing him. Learn to appreciate his existence in your life and mean it.

9. Dress Lovely

You've got to keep the fire burning, don't feel lazy to dress up cute. Get your nails neatly done, your hair finely braided, and your skin always glowing. This will continue to impress him, his click of friends, and everyone else around.

It is for your own good, as well as I like to say "looking good is good business"

Learn to put on outfits that look good on you, and avoid imitating to dress up, and most importantly, get to understand his ladies outfit-choice and flow along. Smell nice always as well.

10. Communicate your issues

When there's an issue, discuss it politely with your Nigerian man, don't expect him to know what's in your mind, what's bothering you, or what his offenses are if you don't communicate it to him, and remember, being polite about it, takes care of his egocentric nature, being polite in your approach works all the time.

Well, if he rants about it and not ready to listen, be calm and wait for another right time to discuss it.

Communication here should involve the right body language, presentation, character, and tone of how you present your case, you should keep it 100% simple, calm, polite and straight to the point.

11. Be good at it!

How can I list every other point without this one? it shouldn't be the main thing but its a huge aspect of loving a Nigerian man.

In loving a Nigerian man, you will have to be creative, clean and sexually appealing at all times.

key Note: 

Try as much as possible to understand him, better still, talk about it even before dating him to know if your sexual aura and strength match his.

If there's an imbalance in sexual compatibility, any man, especially your Nigerian lover, will be frustrated out of the relationship or do things that'll hurt your feelings.

12. Be humble

Humility begets respect in most cases, respect psychologically is reciprocal, and for a Nigerian man, being humble to him is as important as breathing and not starving to death.

keep this in mind, and you'll enjoy your relationship with your Nigerian lover.

13. Stay in shape

You've got to stay in good shape always for the love and affection to keep alive.

14. Be for him alone

You do not want to be a double dater, believe me, it won't work with a typical Nigerian man. For most Nigerian men, their woman is their pride and speaking of the "pride" or "ego", its a second name for a Nigerian man.

You can't and won't be allowed to please another man, whether, on a platonic level or not, they will like you to be their's alone, while to others; 👉 a must-be DISTANT "hello, hi" pal.

Particularly speaking, if you discover he is such a man, keep his rules and live happily, it's as simple as that.

15. Don't be masculine

You've got to be a lady in every respect, put on dresses, skirts, be petty but in a good way, and overall, be romantic and you'll win his heart forever.

16. Be decent and God-fearing

Almost every typical Nigerian man wants his woman to be decent and God-fearing. But, my personal advice is this; be decent but very cute, be God-fearing and prayerful, and at the same time, be a little naughty for him, it'll surely spice up your relationship in a very rewarding manner that you'll enjoy.

17. Be valuable:

You must earn your respect in this life, and of course, in the arms of a Nigerian man else, I tell you, it'll be a living hell for you.

You should be smart and productive in life generally, and for him in particular. Because if you keep asking for everything to be provided for you, it'll be discouraging, and frustrating at some point, and neither will you nor him like the outcome.

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Please note that all I've written so far is in no way to scare but to motivate, encourage, and equip you for the journey that lies ahead of you 😊.

Simply see this article as a general life hack-tips for happy and successful love and romance lifestyle, most especially with brethren from Nigeria.
So, guys and ladies did I miss any point? what works for you and what doesn't? let us know below, in the comment section.

Thanks for your time, and don't forget to leave your contributions to this topic in the comment section below.


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