How to Beautify your Home Without Spending a Fortune

When one thinks of beautifying their home, what comes to mind is buying;
  • new furniture,
  • purchasing beautiful curtains,
  • changing the floor tiles, etc.
While these are sure ways to raise the aesthetic of your home, the above can cost a pretty penny. 

While you may like to have that refreshing atmosphere in your home, you might have the budget to back it.

Here are ways your interior decoration can be done by combining color with functionality in your home without having to rob a bank.

Painting your room (Motifs and designs)

Painting your room is a sure and easy way to begin your interior decoration. you can do this yourself, whether male or female.

It is actually fun to do this. so let's begin the tutorial. For this, you will need to obtain the following;
  • A gallon of white paint.
  • A gallon of any other paint, (maximum of 3 paint types)
  • paint brush and paint roller
  • 3 containers (for mixing the paint)
  • Masking tape
  • a ruler


  • Select a long, conspicuous wall in the interior of your home such as your bedroom or living room wall,
  • Overlay with white paint if not already painted and let it dry,
  • Measure 25-30cm from where the wall starts and mark the spot where the measurement ends
  • Put a long, neat stripe of masking from ceiling to floor where the mark ends or horizontally according to your choice,
  • Repeat the process till you have separate segments of the wall separated by masking tape all the way to the other end of the wall,
  • Prepare your paint in the 3 different buckets, and use one color of paint to a demarcated segment, and another to the next segment, alternate till you have covered all portions until the very end of the wall,
  • Wait 40 minutes and re-apply another coat of paint to further lay the thickness of the coat,
  • Wait 1hr 30 minutes to strip off the masking tape.
It should look somehow like this after you are through with the whole procedure;

Beautiful isn't it?

Note - The masking tape can be placed horizontally, vertically, slant, or in any way you wish to achieve your desired effect.

Now go on and experiment with different complementary colors. Now go on and experiment with different complementary colors and patterns.


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