Easy Cement Candle Holder Tutorial

Vessels and tabletops include jars, bowls and decorative pieces that can be used to hang or put beautiful ornaments in and for other little keepsakes.

In this tutorial, we will make a cement candle holder or stand (whatever you prefer to call it) together.

To make this you will need the following:
  • Cement,
  • Mould (Silicone, rubber or resin),
  • Plastic containers (different sizes for variation),
  • A paper Box,
  • Cutter or knife,
  • Chisel and/ or screwdriver,
  • A hammer,
  • Candlestick,
  • Sandpaper,
  • Spray paint.

Steps to making a Candlestick holder or flower vase

Step 1

  • Select a plastic container (Preferably one that tapers into the narrow neck at the top),
  • The large size of a used plastic water bottle will suffice,
  • Cut a space of 5cm from the top. This should give it a larger opening at the top.

Step 2

  • Prepare your cement mixture,
  • Pour it into the container and let it sit for 4 minutes,
  • Insert a candle into it and leave it in for 35 seconds.
  • Leave it to harden further for 50 minutes.
  • Cut away the plastic container around the molding with a knife.
  • Use sandpaper to smoothen any rough edges
  • Spray with the desired color using spray paint.
Now your holder is ready!

Note -: You can adjust the height and width of the plastic container as well as that which
creates the internal hollow to suit your domestic purposes.


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