Ways to Get Rid of Lowliness, Anger, and Frustration

Sometimes my life can get saturated with anger, frustration, pain, and lack of motivation and I just want to give up ( i don’t mean giving up the ghost though).
  • Although I, like many others am privileged to have the basic needs of life like;
  • A roof over our heads,
  • At least two square meals per day,
  • Love and unity from family and friends,
  • And most of all, answers to our daily prayers.
...but you see, sometimes life just happens that when you look around, you don’t get to see the basic things you have that most people don’t, you only see and hunger aggressively for those things you don’t have.

I find myself in this boat often, you can call it ungratefulness, greed, stupidity, or foolishness. I like to call it a natural quest for more.

You see, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be more than you already are, but doing or trying to get it the wrong way is when it is a sin and a crime to humanity.

Life can so happen in such a way that the more you try to make a decent and honest living, forces of all sorts creep on to you non-stop. This is when it becomes a real problem.

Again! I find myself in this boat more often. I get pained in the heart, I seek help but sometimes everyone around seems to be too busy to notice or understand.

>>> This is when shit gets real!

Anger comes, frustration happens, you're mad at everyone, you doubt yourself and everyone around you, you question your activities, you just can't understand the fire burning in you, you can't control the anger you feel... and the list goes on and on.

No wonder they say selfish people live long. But how about this >>> you don’t want to be selfish because, with selfishness, someone gets hurt, and believe me, there’s no joy in that for me and many others.

Now... I’m in this crazy mood, it could be you too, not knowing what to do and it's worst when no one else around understands your natural being and what you struggle to stand for; that no matter how many times life knocks you down you want to remain decent and honest.

At this point, you’re left with two choices;
  • To join the trend since you can’t beat it, or
  • To encourage yourself when no one else listens
Anyway... this is what to do; 

1. Let the tears out

It is ok to cry when you feel sad. Shedding tears is not a sign of weakness or a sign that your world has come to an end. See shedding tears as an act of letting your pain out. Of course, there are other ways to let your pain out; 
  • By knocking someone out angrily,
  • By hurting someone with words that you can never take back once spoken,
  • By taking it out on a nearby loved one
  • Or by breaking some things in the room in which case you must replace when you need it
Either way will hurt you more, directly and indirectly. So just let the tears out secretly (recommended) 

2. Feel and enjoy the relief

Once you let out the pain in the right way, relief will come. When relief comes, do let it stay. Feel it, embrace it, and enjoy it. 

3. Remind yourself of all you’ve got already

This is the time to remind yourself of why you shouldn’t be angry or frustrated with anything: not yourself, and not your life. Because, you’ve got hands, and legs to keep going in life, you’ve got family and friends whom to smile and make good memories with.

Remind yourself also, of all the basic material needs you already have. Try to remember how they were once not available to you, how you once wished for them but now you own them.

It could be a life changer for most sad people.

4. Remember and appreciate all that made/ makes you happy

Appreciate all that you have and own. Think about this; there are many who wish to have at least a pinch of the things and people you already have.

Remember the good times you had with family, your spouse, friends, or colleagues. Remember things that will force out laughter from you.

And keep this in mind: in appreciation, greater things are acquired /achieved!

5. Admire yourself for something in you that you have, love, and cherish

It could be physical, talent, skills, or even an academic award.

The aim is to remind and admire yourself of your qualities in life. Discovering and appreciating your qualities could be your selling or starting point to greatness in life.

With recognition and appreciation of your hands and feet, basic skills and knowledge whether academic or otherwise, and the right attitude, you can achieve anything and everything in life. 

6. Beat your chest like King Kong!

Remind yourself of how great you have come and will be soon in life. Talk the talk that gives you courage and life, be positive, and realistic. 

7. Thank your creator for the gift of life

Remember, as a religious person who at least has the consciousness of the fact that you are created by divine power, it doesn’t matter your religion or faith now, take the time to appreciate your creator for the gift of life, and pray for your needs.

With all of this, I sure do gather myself up and I hope you too will.

By now you’re stronger and ready again to continue from where you got frozen with worries and frustration.

Put yourself back to work, this time fuelled, motivated, and encouraged, with no damn tears in your eyes.

Be positive, skilled, creative, valuable, relentless, and dedicated to work, be prayerful and hopeful, and do not change negatively for any reason in the world.

Be happy always, be gorgeous, be healthy and every other thing will fall into place.



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