Major Causes of Sexual Dysfunction in Males, and Solutions

Causes of Erectile/ Sexual Dysfunction in Males, and Solutions

These days you hear ladies complaining of their men not performing well in bed, some of these men have early ejaculation problems while some others experience a weak erection. 

This is one major reason for unfaithfulness in most relationships which ultimately leads to crisis, heartbreak, and much other emotional dissatisfaction known to man, and these issues are some of the immediate cause for the increasing use of sexual enhancers.

Solutions to erectile/ sexual dysfunction in males.

Questions have been asked, research(es) have been made as to the cause(s) of the numerous sexual dysfunctions known to man.

A lot of reasons are known to be some of the immediate or gradual cause(s) of sexual/ erectile dysfunction in men, but in this article, the major cause(s) of this problem shall be discussed.

However, when any form of sexual dysfunction is experienced, don't freak out, it could be a minor dysfunction at the moment caused by some of the factors that would be discussed in this article,

But, with active re-occurrence of the sexual dysfunction experienced, safety measures should be implemented as it could entail a health problem that must be taken care of ASAP. You are to visit a doctor for personal diagnosis and treatment (if you happen to find yourself on this train).

Major Causes of Sexual Dysfunction in Men

Sexual dysfunctions in men can be caused by some physical factors, psychological factors, lifestyle or a combination of the three as discussed below;

1. Physical Factors 

Some of the causes of sexual dysfunction in men can be associated with;

  • Stress: 

Some of these men are practically stressed out from their jobs; from stressing to either deliver a service or meeting up a target, to the stress of maybe losing clients, and much more work-related stressful experience(s).

Now, when he is back and he's been engaged sexually, his psychological mindset is been altered due to stress and he can't bring his mind to focus on it.

Either he achieves a weak erection or quick ejaculation. It is embarrassing for most men and it makes them lose self-confidence.

  • Medical conditions:
Some medical conditions are actively responsible for sexual dysfunctions in men. With medications on some health issues like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, other illnesses, and diseases, most men can experience sexual dysfunctional side effects. 

As we know, some of these dysfunctional effects disappear with time but when it remains after medication, consort with your doctor to diagnose the problem and profer solutions accordingly.

  • Injury: 
As with the case of medical conditions, physical injuries can lead to poor erectile functions of a man, and again is no cause for alarm. 

all you need to do is observe your body system and if you notice any alarming situation, consent with your doctor for solutions. 

2. Psychological Factors

At times when individuals have lots of issues bothering them; from marital issues, social issues/ challenges to financial issues and many other issues, some men get sexually inactive. We will look at some of these psychological factors below:

  • Trauma:

When a man is traumatized, he is likely to be unable to perform actively sexually because physically he is there but psychologically his mind is somewhere else, traumatized.

Now if u have been following you will agree with me that there are certain things we have to avoid in other to have a healthy sexual life.

  • Emotional Distress:
A man may be emotionally distressed from his relationship and otherwise, and this too can disrupt his sexual desires.
  • Depression:
Depression can happen to anyone and as we know, can leave ugly marks of psychological weakness, misery, and pain. 

A man can be depressed from unfavorable financial situations, from an unhealthy and unhappy relationship, to mention a few. This alone can weaken and as much as kill his sexual desire.

3. Lifestyle

Some of our lifestyles do not rule out what happens to us health-wise, emotionally and even psychologically which is why it is a contributing factor to some sexual dysfunctions in men. 

Let's take a look at some of these factors as we discuss them below;

  • Alcoholism:

For great consumers of alcohol and drugs, the unforgivable issues of sexual dysfunction knock on their doors, then force their way into their lives only to ruin it.

Some are told that alcohol makes them active in bed but truth be told, too much intake of alcohol and drugs gradually kills your sexual urge.

Now I am not saying you should stop drinking totally but minimize the quantity of alcohol that you consume.

  • Unhealthy dieting:

Most times what we eat affects us directly and indirectly. There's no doubt that taking foods rich in nutrients like;
  • Watermelon,
  • Banana,
  • Vitamin-rich foods,
  • Healthy food supplements 
  • Proteineous foods,
and by drinking lots of water especially the early morning water therapy to keep your body system healthy and functional.

Solutions to Sexual Dysfunction in Males

The solutions provided in this article are helpful and are not limited to the following:
Solutions to erectile/ sexual dysfunction in males.

1. Reduce the intake of illicit sex enhancement drugs;

Naturally, men take pride in their sexual strength and try to prove strong but take drugs to achieve it. 

An example includes Viagra, Vega, and many more. It works for you and you may enjoy its function but the moment you stop taking such drugs, you are in for some serious indefinite sexual dysfunctional challenge.

2. Reduce stress;

There are many ways to reduce stress, it is advisable to look for safe and healthy methods to manage stress, and you can start with these 👉 7 ways to manage stress.

3. Reduce the intake of too much alcohol. 

4. Discuss every issue inhibiting your sexual desires with your partner, it helps.

5. Take quick helpful measures to distract yourself from depression;
👉  Learn some of the ways to get rid of lowliness, anger, and frustration.

6. Exercise regularly;
👉  Know some of the benefits of physical fitness.

7. Get enough rest and sleep;
👉  Learn how much time everyone needs for sleep

8. Eat healthily.

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Well, with all said and written, you will agree with me that we have to live a healthy lifestyle and stay free of drugs to maintain a healthy and happy sexual and overall lifestyle.

Hope you enjoyed the write-up, don't forget to drop your comments below.

Co-author: Zuby Jonas.


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