15 Advantages of Early Morning Water Therapy

The Advantages of Early Morning Water Therapy

Drinking of (especially luke-warm) water first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach) is a natural healthy ritual that has been long adopted by natives in so many phases of life and culture to prevent and cure some ailment known to history.

Most Asian culture, for instance, swears by this early morning water therapy custom.

Water as we all know is life to;
  • Plants,
  • Human,
  • Animals,
  • Skin,
  • Hair,
  • The entire body system.

But, have you ever wondered why plants are advised to be watered in the morning before the sun comes out and in the evening when the sun is out?

Have you also cared to know why you wash your skin (having baths) in the morning despite washing up before bedtime, and, still find specks of dirt in the bathtub?

So, the inner body system and all its activities also need to be washed just by drinking water (luke-warm recommended) every morning, and continuation should take place for the rest of the day.

The science and the importance of drinking enough water daily cannot be over-emphasized as this daily watering of the body system starting off in the morning will set the body ready for an epic day of activeness and healthiness.

Side note:

For more effectiveness, it is advisable to add the natural healthy juiciness of lime or lemon to your water therapy.

Without any further a-do on the many wonderful explanations of morning water therapy, let's get started on the benefits of morning water therapy for healthiness.

15 Advantages of Drinking Water First Thing in the Morning

1. It gets rid of Toxins

Drinking water first thing in the morning flushes out toxins from the body system, thereby, creating a clear and free radical body system to function. 

Breathing, thinking and every other related activity of the human being functions effortlessly.

2. It produces new blood cells

Drinking water first thing in the morning increases the production of new blood cells. Blood cells are important. When renewed, it supplies a healthy life to the various vital organs of the body to function effectively.

Every morning you drink at least a cup of water before you eat, you give a thorough rinse to the blood cells clearing off unwanted toxins from it. 

3. It produces new muscle cells

Similar to blood cells, muscle cells are also important to human life. Muscle cells are soft tissues that contain protein filament of myosin and actin which function to produce force and motion. 

These cells are directly responsible for controlling movements of the internal organs like the heart beats, lungs, and digestive tract movements, also, the external body movements like; the muscle movements and other body movements. 

Drinking water early in the morning facilitates the production of new muscle cells which we all benefit from. 

4. It purifies the colon

The colon’s function is to re-absorb body fluids and process waste products from the body thereby, making it easier to absorb nutrients. 

By drinking water early in the morning several hours before having breakfast, you get the chance to cleanse the colon for easy bowel movement and absorption of nutrients from in-coming foods and drinks. 

5. It boosts your metabolism

Drinking of water first thing in the morning has been proven by research to boost up to 25% of body metabolism. 

The body metabolism includes all the chemical reactions that are involved in the maintenance of the living state of the cells present in a living organism. 

This means that your entire body system functions actively as against functioning sluggishly with components of unwanted toxins and other unhealthy conditions of the body. 

6. It aids in weight loss

Early morning water therapy does not just boost your metabolism at stop at that. The detoxifying effects you get from water therapy helps you shed excess fat. 

Many weight loss enthusiasts and bodybuilding beauticians have adopted the formula of drinking at least 16 ounces of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. This practice has proven fruitful over time and beyond. 

7. It guarantees clear and glowing skin

Excessive toxins and dehydration can make the skin look odd, old, dry, dark and patchy. 

Water therapy, in general, is good for the body (both inner and outer), But with early morning water therapy, the body glows from the start of your day till nightfall. 

Drinking enough water daily seeks to maintain the progressive function of this beauty skin-glow act, and the entire body health. 

8. It helps to fight and prevent infections

Infections such as fungi, bacteria, parasitic, and other diseases can be very discomforting, therefore, should be prevented. 

Drinking water first thing in the morning can prevent many such common health issues as; 
  • Strep throat,
  • Urinary tract infection,
  • Cellulite, 
  • Intestinal infections, and a host of many others. 

9. It balances your lymph system

Early morning water therapy helps in balancing and maintaining the lymphatic system by absorbing and transporting healthy fatty acids and fats from the digestive system and transporting white blood cells into the bones for effective movement of the bone joints and the entire bone health. 

10. It hydrates the body

Water is one of the six essential nutrients of the body that every human need for survival. 

In our daily activities as we breathe, we burn out energy, our body loses water when we sweat, inhale and exhale, and these we do continuously as long as we breathe. 

Just like refueling the tanks of your automobiles, there’s a need to replace the water our body uses up on a daily basis, for survival and effective functioning of our body system. 

Drinking water first thing in the morning is just the best way to start on this, and it is important to do so simply by refueling our body water tank by drinking enough water to replace the amount of body water that we must have lost while inhaling and exhaling in our sleep. 

When you drink water as soon as you wake up (at least an hour before eating), you will find out that your skin is renewed, your brain becomes sharp and powered for the entire day’s work. 

11. It refreshes the brain

Talking about brain refreshment, early morning water therapy guarantees that by putting all levels of the body functioning system at bay and balanced up. 

This action sends fresh thought activities to the brain which is already active by this time. 

12. It stimulates bowel movement

The body takes in nutrients needed by the body for survival and as such, must be excreted as waste for new nutrients to come in, and the process goes on and on... 

Healthy-living duties suggest that we help this process to keep alive by drinking enough water daily, starting off with an easy inexpensive early morning water therapy to free up the intestines and make an easy passageway for waste products to go away. 

13. It rids the body of waste

There are many ways our body system gets rid of waste through the various excretory systems. They are; 
  • The skin,
  • The lungs,
  • The kidneys, and
  • The large intestine.
Let us just say water is one of the transport systems needed for easy transportation of this waste.

When the waste products that are supposed to be flushed out of the body find it difficult to do so, it compounds unnecessary unhealthy issues to the body. 

By drinking water in the morning, we create an easy passageway for the body to get rid of this unhealthy waste. 

14. It improves immunity system

By drinking water first thing in the morning, the immune system which includes; 
  • The Organs,
  • The body tissues, and
  • The network of cells;
Needed for human survival, work together actively to protect the body and keep the human life engine alive and healthy. 

15. It promotes healthy eyesight

There are many factors needed to have healthy eyesight but water is one key factor to talk about. 

Many don’t know about this yet or don’t seem to give it so much importance. Drinking enough water daily starting off with this simple early morning routine is one way to keep your eyes healthy.

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