12 Reasons why you must Drink Enough Water Daily

Water makes up about three-quarter of the body composition, that channels the direct and indirect functionalities of the entire body system.

Water, as we all know, is life!
  • Water gives life to plants and animals,
  • Water gives life to the skin,
  • Water gives life to Human in all aspect of life.

Water is a maintenance therapy to the body that promotes a long healthy life. 

It may surprise you to know that drinking enough water daily; from day to day, week to week, month to month, and, year to year is one major component of living strong, healthy and ageless until its time to kick the natural normal bucket 😁.

See drinking enough water daily as a vital fuelling maintenance routine of the body as seen in the case of automobiles.

Of course, most people have heard of how important it is to drink enough water on a daily basis but are yet unsure of how much water to drink daily and the advantages of the famous “morning water therapy” for good health and long life.

It is clear enough how vital drinking lots of water is to our everyday life, the roles it plays in our day to day existence in life is amazing.

Here are the 12 most important reasons why we must drink enough water on a daily basis

1. Continuous cleansing of the colon for easy absorption of nutrients

When you keep drinking water throughout the day, unwanted toxins gets the opportunity to be carried away and flushed out thereby leaving the colon cleansed, functional and healthy.

2. To cut excessive fat components (to shed some kilos)

Water aids fat burn naturally and is more effective when you add the juice of lime or lemon (no matter how little) to the water therapy.

When toxins are broken down and carried away from the body, fat components are inclusive thereby; shedding off of some fat present in the body.

A continuation of the regimen for at least three months (for comparison sake) will amount to proof of fat reduction that will keep you motivated and happy.

3. To balance the body fluids

When your body fluids are balanced, pro-active movement of the body-building materials takes place effortlessly.

You breathe normally, you think smart, you shine forth through your words and skin, all thanks to our healthy body system that is so healthy and functional, and, that is not packing up anytime soon.

Well, only if you keep it healthy.

4. To flush out unwanted bacteria and prevent diseases

When you drink enough water daily, bacteria in the body will lack a permanent home base for survival and growth.

Diseases, on the other hand, are automatically prevented from causing any nasty nuisance(s) in your everyday beautiful life.

5. For continuous hydration of the brain

The brain also gets heated up and like machines, will begin to malfunction, this eventually brings instability to the innocent you.

Here’s how it works; your brain sends unhealthy actions to the mind; unsettled it is at this point and you are left to wonder what exactly is happening to you when all you need at this time is a quick water therapy solution and long soothing breath of relief.

But if the problem persists, please notify or see a doctor.  

6. For detoxification

Water detoxification is simply natural and easy, aimed at flushing out unwanted toxins from the body system.

When the body is detoxified effortlessly on daily basis, the entire body system functions normally, and my favourite one is that it gives the skin a natural vibrant everyday glow that most cosmetic products will never get you.

7. To clear and prevent nasal congestions

Nasal congestions can be so discomforting, breathing gets tough sometimes but this simple water therapy is your go-to for a clear nasal activity.

Here’s the trick; drink ordinary purified Luke-warm water first thing in the morning for prevention of same and other health issues

And/ or,

Drink purified Luke-warm water continuously until your nasal congestion issues disappear. This therapy works for me all the time; I sure hope it works for you as well.

If it does, kindly return to this page to testify and encourage more people in the same boat.

Quick note:

I let mine get somewhat hot as long as I'm able to drink it without burning my tongue or mouth and it also depends on how serious or mild it is.

8. For natural skin glow

Getting a clear, soft/ tender glowing skin is one undeniable reason why I embraced drinking enough water daily and I'm so dedicated and used to doing this.

I can preach this on and on until someone acclaims to this beauty secret just as I'm doing now.

When you drink enough water every day, toxins are flushed out together with some bacteria and some fat components, leaving the body system cleansed and ready for effective work which includes beautifying and glowing the skin, in addition to strengthening hair growth.

9. For continuous hydration of the body

When the body is hydrated, diseases are put at bay. What many people don’t get or haven't really thought about is that dehydration sometimes is a direct/ indirect cause of:
  • Irregular menstruation in women
  • Kidney stones
  • Arthritis
  • Headache
  • Migraine
  • Hypertension and so many other health issues.
Let’s picture it in plants; when dehydrated, plants get weak and eventually dies off. Drinking enough water is very vital in human living and should, therefore, be adopted by everyone.

10. To enhance good eyesight

The eyes are very active from the moment we wake up until when we go to sleep at night. Just like the brain, with drinking enough water daily, eye health is improved for its daily activity.

11. It aids in digestion

Drinking enough water daily helps in the breaking down of food molecules for an easy bowel movement that aids in the active activities of both the inner and outer body system.

12. It keeps the body system cool and active even in hot weather conditions.

Keeping the body cool in hot weather conditions is a natural call of action. Dehydration prevents the skin from breaking down with all manner of unfavourable health conditions in unfavourable weather conditions.


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