Best 15 White Wedding Dresses for Every Stylish Bride

The Best 15 White Wedding Dresses for Every Stylish Bride

A wedding day is a big deal of a day when two love birds decide to come together as one.

It is a day where creativity in fashion reveals itself, and a day where the bride and groom are the centers of attraction.

The bride, as well as the groom, are expected to be on their best outfit and this is where Empress Eudorah's blog comes in with helpful suggestions on best 15 white wedding dresses for every stylish bride.

With any piece of information, you find online or offline on the history of "wedding", you will find out that "the white wedding dress" is written all over it starting with Queen Victoria of England (1840) who made it a popular trend for most bride on their wedding celebrations up till date. 

White wedding dresses have made a great name for itself in the fashion world but then we also have beautiful colored wedding dresses for brides who would rather go for something more special, colorful and unique to them.

For the sake of the faithful white wedding dress lovers, this blog puts together the best 15 white wedding dresses for every stylish bride. Enjoy while you scroll down and read through this beautiful collection.

1. Attachable-Train Wedding Dress 

Picture Source: @crystal_eleonor
Picture Source: @crystal_eleonor

This is one of the most trending wedding dress of our time. I mean, who wouldn't love to be in this piece of art on her wedding day? 

You could decide to dress up in the main gown or with the attachable skirt or train, or use both styles in the course of your wedding activity, either way, is as stunning as you can imagine.

for more of the attachable train ideas, be sure to check out these wedding dresses with an attachable train.

2. Classic White Wedding Dress

Picture source: @heracouture

The classic wedding dress as the name implies will make you look as stunning as a fashion superstar. 

It is beautiful and classic for a reason, to serve its purpose. The sleeves make this the best option for brides who prefer their wedding sleeves on as it is both classic and gorgeous.

You should know that there is more classiness from where this came from, therefore, over 50 classy wedding dresses has been recommended for any bride in this category.

3. Simple See-Through White Wedding Dress 

Picture Source: @elran_araha

Fashion is all about bringing yourself out there, looking gorgeous and comfortable enough to make your outfit someone else's fashion like or trend. 

Some bride like it simple and some others like it sexy but a combination of both makes this a masterpiece.

For more simple and sexy white wedding dress ideas, visit the link to check out these other sexy wedding dresses that you will love.

 4. Cute White Wedding Dress

Picture Source: @fashiongoalsz

Just like the first attachable train wedding dress, this one is cute but silky and shimmering with fine lacy details all at the same time. 

With its simple lacy concept, any bride in this dress is all set for her big day. Would you like to be on this outfit on your wedding day? 

Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

 5. Royal Ball White Wedding Dress

Picture Source: @igluxeweddings

It is royal when it glitters and ball, and also shaped for a perfect body. An important tip to keep in mind is that ball dresses are mostly perfect for slim women. There are more beautiful ball wedding gowns for cute brides to see.

you can also check out these beautiful royal dress images, who knows? you could be an inspiration to the next generation white wedding lovers.

6. V-Neck Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Picture Source: @ylinka27

This very gorgeous looking bride has got it simple and stunning with this beautiful wedding dress style.

The decoration on her hair speak tones of simple but stylish creativity. I for sure can rock this on a dinner or wedding occasion. 

How do you feel about this outfit for a dinner party as well as a wedding event where you are the bride? share your thoughts down below.

And... because we always have you covered with everything beautifying, we have provided for you these beautiful decorative hair jewelry ideas to compliment your stunning outfit. 

You can check them out on Jumia and Amazon for purchase. 

7. Off the Shoulder Fluffy Wedding Dress

Picture Source: @fashiongoalsz

This fluffy goodness is both classy and sexy in one piece, it's perfect for free movement and body expression. 

The concept of this beautiful white wedding dress is one that separates equally the attractive focus of the dress from the face of the bride.

For this masterpiece, both a pony and a free-fall hairdo will work just fine. If there are other best ideas on how to rock this outfit perfectly, don't keep it to yourself, share your thoughts below.

8. Straw-Hand Mermaid Wedding Dress

Picture Source: @insta_world_of_fashion

For most beauties, a mermaid wedding dress is the number one go-to. They would rather rock this again and again than settle for anything else.

A mermaid wedding dress makes most women especially the slim and tall look like a-just-discovered Disney princess with great magical powers. Ok! enough with the digression.

All I'm saying is that this wedding dress on a bride will definitely soften the heart of its beholder whether it is the groom or not. 

Visit here for more stylish mermaid wedding dress ideas.

9. Deep (Back) V-Cut Mermaid Wedding Dress

Picture Source: Yimsil

Deep v-cut on the front or at the back is stylish and trendy all year round. The embellishment you give to your dress is what makes it a new and good trend.

Most pretty brides like the deep v-cut dress whether for a dinner party or a wedding party as the bride or a guest. 

But for you, how would you design your v-neck dress?

10. Sweetheart Off the Shoulder Flowing Wedding Dress

Picture Source: @fashiongoalsz

The sweetheart dress design comes in many patterns and shape, and for the flowing or maxi effect, everyone knows that it is time to clear off the road as the bride walks in.

For a simple flowing dress like this, a piece of very fine and visible hair jewelry will make you look angelic. If you are with me on this one, let me know in the comments section below.

11. Sweetheart Off - Shoulder Mermaid Wedding Dress

Picture Source: @Ghanawedding

Ok! there's a lot to say about this one... it is angelic and beautiful with the flowing bridal veil. This, in other words, can be explained as a fully kitted bride.

There are lots of ideas on a bridal veil to explore, from the short to waist-level to full flowing bridal veil. For purchase of one of this beautiful bridal veil, visit Jumia and Amazon.

12. Beautiful Attachable Skirt Wedding Dress

Picture Source: @Ghanawedding

With the first similar wedding dress, this one suggests a straight attachable skirt with long flowing bridal veil and more so, it looks stunning and heavy. 

Let's picture this wedding dress without the attachable dress and long veil, it will be another sweetheart mermaid dress with beautiful lace design swirling all around it.

What are your thoughts on this stunning convertible wedding dress?

13. Simple Mermaid Extention Wedding Dress

Picture Source: @Eddyk_bridal

Wedding dresses with a little extension behind is simply sweet, this is what a beautiful bride should look like on her wedding day.

The hourglass detailed design on her waist is so unique, this bride is simply wow in all respect and is highly recommended to every bride who is looking for approval from the many listed designs on this blog.

14. Water - Like Mermaid Extention Wedding Dress

Picture Source: @Ghanawedding

This dress includes the combination of many features discussed separately on this post. 

The deep V-cut, the lace on the main dress, the long sleeves, long flowing veil, and the mermaid extension are together looking fabulous. 

Would you rather go for this dress or remove some features from it? if you are to take out any feature from this dress, which will it be?

15. Turtle - Neck Long Sleeves Wedding Dress

Picture Source: @wedding_moments_sharing

Have you ever wondered why it is called "Turtle Neck"? If you haven't figured it out yet, you definitely will on this page.

A Turtle-neck dress or polo is characterized by a tubular neckline whether short or folded. The word turtle-neck derived its name for resembling a turtle's neck coming in and out of its shell.

Well, there it is. If you had it in mind, you were absolutely right! 

Back to the topic, would you put on a turtle-neck dress like this sexy one on your wedding day?

What other tips, styles, and embellishment would you recommend for this outfit?

Do check out many more beautiful white wedding dress ideas to help hype your creativity in the amazing fashion world by visiting the links provided.

As we all know, a pretty face, nice physics are the major criteria for looking naturally awesome in any outfit. 

And for your wedding event, you may want to work on yourself to look stunning and flawless on your big day.

so we recommend the following to help improve your bridal and everyday look:

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