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Best 15 White Wedding Dresses for Every Stylish Bride

The Best 15 White Wedding Dresses for Every Stylish Bride A wedding day is a big deal of a day when two love birds decide to come together as one. It is a day where creativity in fashion reveals itself, and a day where the bride and groom are the centers of attraction. The bride, as well as the groom, are expected to be on their best outfit and this is where Empress Eudorah's blog comes in with helpful suggestions on best 15 white wedding dresses for every stylish bride. With any piece of information, you find online or offline on the history of "wedding", you will find out that  "the white wedding dress"  is written all over it starting with Queen Victoria of England (1840) who made it a popular trend for most bride on their wedding celebrations up till date.  White wedding dresses have made a great name for itself in the fashion world but then we also have beautiful colored wedding dresses for brides who would rather go for somet