How to Develop Yourself - 28 Ways to Self Development

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The key to realizing that much we can achieve with our time is to understand how little but important our productive life here on earth is. 

We often spend most of our time doing things that are not close to our goals and aspirations or even close to our potentials.

Endeavor to constantly explore your willpower and you will be marveled at the things you can achieve in as much as it is believed that the wealthiest place in the world is not in the middle east where there are oils on the ground

Or, in South Africa where there are diamonds in the mines, neither is it in the gold regions of the world but it is in the cemetery where genuine talents are buried, unrealized nor exploited.

Books unwritten and ideas never developed burry the potential we came to live with. We must always be in competition within ourselves in taking persevered steps towards achieving our desired goals.

The phrase “comfort zone” is for non-progressive minded people. Always remember that the world is an ocean and all you can see around you are sharks even though you are a horse fish, you must survive, most importantly for the benefits of others.

Just as there are steps or procedures in building a beautiful glass house, there are also procedures for developing oneself.

In this brief article, I’ll share some of the procedures on how to develop you by yourself. They include (but are not limited to) the following:

1. Stay free from stress

You may be wondering what the meaning of this (stay free from stress) is. First, there are a few types of stress you should be familiar with, we have the:
  •  Emotional stress,
  •  Financial stress,
  •  Psychological stress,
  • Spiritual stress,
  • Social stress,
  • Organizational stress.
The list goes on and on. Finding a way to avoid any kind of stress is important, it helps refresh your head, heart, and mind, it paves the way for structural, positive and productive thinking that answers and solves problems. Being free from stress and pressure helps you develop yourself.

2. Know what naturally works for you

knowing what works for you naturally is a sign and information that you should always keep to heart. Those things or people who don’t promote anything about you naturally should be kept a distance away from you.

3. Give yourself some space

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Giving yourself some space applies to when you want to de-stress your emotions.

Do you want to take up a professional class? Or, are you looking for business niches? Or, do you not know the type of man to settle with? Give yourself some space to think about it.

It is advised to always pause before you speak or act. You should go round, meet people; get inspired; ask questions; research; try to discover what you want by knowing what you like, need and appreciate more. Give yourself time to think about it.

4. What is your passion

Passion is a strong feeling or emotion towards something you truly love, your passion is whatever you desire intensely. It could be a job, a person, a situation or a thing (materialistic).

Take the time to meditate, go through your pictures, ask friends and family to tell you what they think you’re good at.

5. Ask friends for their honest opinion about you

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This works all the time, you should email or chat your friends or family up, ask them for their sincere opinion about you, make them your mirror and let them tell you what they see in you and what they believe you’re good at.

Note down their opinion, do your paperwork, use their ideas to determine what works for you.

6. Don’t be afraid to try different things  

Trying out different things can be discouraging, time and resources wasting but it’s very worth it. It is a practical way of discovering yourself as they say “practice makes perfect”.

Do not be afraid to try new and different things, be happy while at it. Hudda Beauty, for instance, was an employee possibly at different business organizations,

She naturally loves the art of makeup, it was until she lost her job that she fell back on her beauty passion and now she’s one of the most famous makeup/ beauty artist known to history.

Trying out different things will definitely lead you to that which works perfectly well for you.

7. It is ok to be afraid

Being afraid is one trait of life that will surely come. If you’re trying to be great in life, you must encounter fear at some point. Being afraid is no crime at all but where the problem lies is in allowing your fears to conquer you.

Let your fear breed caution and motivation, not discouragement and surrender. Tell yourself this: “I must never give up”!

8. Don’t be discouraged when you fail

One secret to greatness is to NEVER GIVE UP! It is very easy and convenient to give up once failure comes. Don’t get me wrong, some people you know may have never encountered failure in life, it is very possible.

My point here is even if failure comes in any form, in any magnitude or size, don’t be discouraged, pick up your pieces and go try again.

Only the weak surrender when they fail. Giving up is not an option when you’re on a journey to developing yourself, your potential in life.

9. Always be positive

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“A positive mindset begets positive life situations” this should be food for thought. It works all the time.

Be positive in your words, works, belief, dream, and imagination while you discipline yourself to act accordingly. Speak and think positively to your life for your thoughts and words have power.

10. Keep positive friends and energy 

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It is one thing to be self-positive in thoughts and words, and another to generate positive energy from others. Look for positive vibes and energy from the company you keep.

This positive influence is one important thing you need in discovering and developing your true self.

11. Learn new things (research)

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Don’t dwell only upon what you already know, new things happen every day, be updated with new trends, be one of those the world get to look up to for new ideas and trend, be creative and you’ll see how much of yourself you’ll get to discover and develop on daily basis.

12. Be consistent  

when you’re in agreement with and compatible with a situation, person or thing, keep to it religiously. Be active and committed to it.

When you’re a producer of quality handbags for instance, consistency in quality and quantity production is what keeps your customers coming back for more, not caring to know if there are other brands or producers out there.

With self-discovery and growth, consistency with trying to figure out who you truly are is important as it is, in fact, a daily discovery process from birth till you reach the end of the road.

13. Be devoted to work  

Devotion is a commitment to some purpose, a purpose that you love. See this as a general rule to devotion;

“love what you do, and do what you love”.

This feeling and act will help you develop yourself into someone you’ll love every day.

14. Stay focused 

The concentration you need to develop yourself is something no one but you can give to yourself.

There’ll be distractions along the way, you should be mindful of this and no matter the side attraction, don’t be overwhelmed, be FOCUSED!

15. Research and find a role model  

A role model is someone worthy of emulation. You definitely want to find someone who speaks your tone of language when it comes to value and belief system, likes and dislikes, and same potentiality trait.

You want to keep them close to your screen for motivation and inspiration and not to constantly remind yourself of how adorable they are while you’re not.

16. Leave your comfort zone

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A comfort zone is one place that’s very convenient for you to be. Though it depends on the individual, for too many people, it is convenient but unproductive.

If you wish to develop yourself, you have to try so hard to leave this apartment of ... procrastination; fantasy; fear; restriction; laziness; you name it.

17. Go practical 

This is when you don’t just dream and wish and then leave it at that, this is where you act your dream and imaginations.

This is also when you try to bring to life that creative, beautiful picture you have in your head. Be practical, bring to life, create things, and be awesome.

18. Go where you are truly needed  

When developing yourself, you must avoid situations, people and things that don't need you, also the same goes for those people and things you don’t need.

Don’t force yourself to be loved, don’t be where you are not valued and needed. Forcing yourself to be in such a place or situation will only depress, frustrate, and stress you, you will then find yourself only welcomed in your comfort zone, misery, and self-condemnation where you'll only find unproductivity.

19. Be independent of false things 

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In developing yourself, you will find all manner of side distractions, especially from the social world. Don’t be distracted by the lives you see on social media, most of those lifestyles are either fake or real.

Be happy with who you are. Work on yourself for people to emulate and wish to be like you, be unique and independent of false things whether from social media or otherwise.

20. Don’t compare yourself to another  

There’s a reason why you are you, and they are who they are.

It is pointless to compare yourself to another. In developing yourself, you must get rid of comparing yourself to another, you should learn to develop yourself in contentment, appreciation, and self-love, then wish others well.

21. Believe in yourself 

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You got to believe in yourself, in your dreams, because no-one will do that for you. In fact, some friends will discourage you from achieving your dreams directly or indirectly.

You’ve got to believe in yourself to be able to stand firm against any wave of discouragement.

22. Let go of what needs to go 

In developing yourself, you must let go of what needs to go, do not hold on too long to that depression, agony, regrets because it will be glad to hold you down for as long as you let it. And at the end of the day, it’s your time that has been wasted.

23. Learn contentment 

If you have the gift of contentment, then congratulations!. If you must grow, if you must develop yourself, you must learn the importance of being content with your level in life, the people you have and the possessions you’ve got.

Be happy with where you already are, it is a platform unto where more good things will come to you at the right time.

24. Be competent

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For you to beat that competition, for you to get that job, for you to be loved and cherished, for you to be valuable to the world, you must be competent.

Be good at whatever you do. Teach yourself to do it even better than your tutor. With this alone, you can smoothly move from position 100 to position 3 with most people in the world today. Master a skill, be good at it, let your work speak for you.

25. Learn to embrace responsibility  

Responsibility is a form of trustworthiness. Not everyone embraces responsibility and this is why we have so many problems in the world today.

Some people dwell in the shadow of getting it easily done, without quality or, avoiding to be answerable or responsible for one’s conduct.

When you embrace responsibility, you are sure and ready for work irrespective of its form and nature.

26. Go to fun places 

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For you to develop yourself, you must create time to enjoy your life, either with happy friends, at the beach, on vacation, just create time for fun.

27. Meditate  

When you meditate, you unconsciously filter your lifestyle and advice yourself, you remind yourself of things you ought to do in your life that you haven’t done,

and things you did in the past that you shouldn’t have and as a matter of fact must never do again will all come to you. Meditation is a work in progress and you need it to develop yourself.

28. Always be yourself 

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Don’t try to be someone else either to please someone or to prove a point. The truth is whoever you truly are will attract those created to be in your life circle.

Imagine having a fake set of people around you who are there because you posed to be someone else. Trust me you can’t keep up with the struggle for long and you don’t want to do this because you will be wasting your time and will surely realize it when it’s too late.

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So, my friends, you should be able to develop yourself with the above tips, if you know any other ways you’ve been able to achieve success with self-development, do let us know in the comment section below, sharing is caring, caring is love. Thank you.


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