23 Colored Wedding Dress Ideas for Unique Brides

Every social event gets people actively creative, in search for the best outfit that will wow the rest of the congregation but guys... this one is no ordinary event.

A wedding ceremony is one where the main focus of the day is on two cute love birds who have fallen in love and despite all odds come together openly to vow never to become two anymore but ONE until death do them part.

Well, you know the rest of the story...

One striking fact about a wedding ceremony is that the focus on a couple of the day should be astonishing, one to reckon with, that's why the bride, as well as the groom, must be beautifully kitted up for their big day.

Another fact about a wedding event is that originally, the brides put on a beautiful flowing mermaid dress usually white in color while the groom is nicely dressed in a suite.

How about changing the original old fashioned trend to something new like a charming colored princess wedding dresses for unique and creative beautiful brides? Now, many already love this idea but need some inspiration to follow along with this amazing trend.

With that said, This blog presents to you in this article, 23 colored wedding dress ideas for unique brides.

1. Classic Rose-Gold Colored Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @Oksana_mukha_official

This deep v-neck sexy mermaid wedding dress is today's number one dress on this list because it is an easy, simple but gorgeous sexy dress that can be worn either way: with or without the tulle. Either way is still as beautiful as this gorgeous outfit.

The color also is unique and all set to go for a wedding event.

Quick Tips:

  • A bight nude color bridal makeup will set this outfit all natural and classy,
  • A sweet pony hair wrap will reveal the back neckline of this outfit 
  • It's your event, however, you feel comfortable to accessorize your outfit is all that matters.

2. Sky-Blue and Gold Colored Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @maryam_mla

This pretty vibrant blue and gold wedding dress say "I am a Disney princess ready to say I do to my prince charming". It is definitely a beautiful idea if you don't want to go the traditional way of putting on white on your wedding day.

The high slit, on the other hand, reveals your outstanding footwear which is so unique and beautiful. Everyone at your event will definitely get your attention with this outfit.

3. Cherry Blossom Pink Colored Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @muslimwedding.ideas

Pink color on a wedding day? not bad at all! 

Those decorative flowers are on this dress is awesome! would you prefer it on any other color? let us know in the comment section below.

4. China Rose Pink Colored Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @fashions.mood

For all simple brides, this one is for you. So simple and adorable that most of your guest will wish to be in your shoes.

This wedding dress is a simple one for a simple wedding event. You can't go wrong with this one. Any color will definitely look amazing in this style.

5. Gold Colored Mermaid Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @fashions.mood

Gold and white is a beautiful idea for a wedding event, it is classic and royal at the same time. It is simple and outstanding for any unique bride who wants to spice up her wedding outfit without putting on the traditional white wedding dress.

6. Lilac-Purple and Silver Colored Side-Slitted Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @fashions.mood

Purple color for a wedding event could be a turn-off for some but the shade of purple should be considered. A lighter shade of purple or pink or any other color of your choice with this silver design is a good idea for a wedding event.

7. Peach-Gold Colored Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @fashions.mood

Simple and sexy is what I'll call this because this bride is ready for a lifetime journey that the proclamation of this day will bring forth. Would you wear this dress on your wedding day?

8. Chicly Pearl-White Transparent Colored Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @wedding_moments_sharing

Chicky sexy and adorable is this bride, it's actually not a bad idea for any bride who wants to loosen up her outfit on her wedding day. What do you think about this chic bride?

9. Rouge-Pink Gold Colored Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @fashions.mood

This colored wedding dress is royal, classy, sexy and overall simple for a perfect unique bride who doesn't care about traditional wedding outfit of old.

10. Classic Porcelain-White Colored Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @Ghanawedding

Off-white colored wedding dress is a great idea for brides with style. it is simple but classic and a little different from the traditional wedding dress styles that everyone love and is comfortable with.

11. Off-Shoulder Silver-Grey Colored Wedding Dress

Photo Source: Poplila

With this glittering off the shoulder knee-slitted silver-grey colored wedding dress, you can't go wrong on your wedding day. It's shaped and the glittering feature will make you astonishingly unique on your big day.

Grey color on pony hair-do is worth to try. Would you choose this outfit for your wedding event? let us know in the comment section.

12. Royal Cloud-Grey Colored Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @ninabridals

This is one sexy, very royal wedding dress that anyone can hardly refuse. Have you any idea how beautiful this dress will look on a bride? share your thoughts down below if you know that this dress has your thumbs up.

13. Coin-Grey Colored Wedding Dress

Photo Source: Yimsil 

How about this dress on your wedding day? it sure gets my approval, how about you? This dress is one to reckon with anytime any day. Again, the color can differ from what you see above to what your preferences are.

The only factor you must not compromise with is that, you must put on the outfit that you feel most comfortable and happy with on your wedding day.

14. Sexy Sky-Blue Colored Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @9jawoman

Any bride on this outfit must be swimming in laughter and unfiltered gorgeous smile all through the day. This wedding dress is one beautiful piece to reckon with. It's got the shape, the simplicity, and royalty any unique bride will love. What are your thoughts about this dress?

15. Chiffon-White Colored Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @wedding_moments_sharing

Traditional and modern beauty I would call this. This off the shoulder flowing beauty is an amazing idea for a unique bride. The color of this wedding dress is sleek and gorgeous all the way.

16. Two Shades of Pink Colored Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @asianbrideguide

Every pretty damsel loves the color pink. So why not as your colorful wedding attire? Pink dresses make you feel young and pretty and this feeling is exactly what a bride needs on her wedding day.

Apart from the drinks and yummy cake you give us on your special day, a lovely pinky wedding smile is just satisfying. Would you rock a pink dress on your wedding day? Yes! I will love to ...

Tell us more on the comment section below.

17. Sexy Sleeveless Coffee-Gold Colored Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @fashions.mood

Coffee gold color or nude color as many would love to call it is also perfect for a colored wedding event. This dress is simply lovely, I for sure would rock this cute dress on any occasion even as a bride.

18. Asian Wine Colored Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @cigdemmodaevii

This wine beauty is not just for the Asian elegant brides but also for any who won't mind this dress on her wedding day. Again, there are tons of elegant color to chose from but this style is simply beautiful for a colored wedding dress.

19. Blinking Fossil-Gold Colored Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @fashions.mood

Just like the coffee-gold wedding dress, this fossil-gold colored dress is perfect for a bride who wants to appear simple, unique but sexy on her wedding day. Would you rock this dress on your wedding day?

20. Cloud-Gold Colored Asian Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @imaxstudio.uk

Why do I get the feeling that Asian beauties are amazing at being creative with wedding dresses? or maybe they do for sure. Which is why this lovely idea is on this list of colored wedding dress ideas for unique brides.

It is simple with full sleeves yet amazing on the bride. Now, is it about the lady in the dress or the style of the dress? What do you really think about this beautiful wedding dress?

21. Simple Porcelain-White Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @Oksana_mukha_official

Slim ladies rock in almost every outfit, they really make the concept of a dress stand out and shine forth like a diamond staring at you a half mile across the street and all you think of is on how to be the only one seeing it and want to quickly reach out to it but unfortunately before you got to it, it's been long taken by another.

Ok! enough with my crazy outspoken imagination. This wedding dress is simply WOW. If you're slim, I am happy for you, really. Be sure to check out these 10 outfits for tall and skinny women, and keep on slaying.

22. Gold Colored (Off-Shoulder Sleeves) Wedding Dress

Photo Source: @fashions.mood

Every gorgeous woman should love this, it is sleek, shiny, sexy and all ready to proceed to the altar for the "I DO" section of the event. A bride in this outfit will surely make any awaiting bride think twice about their wedding outfit plus it is very unique on a wedding occasion. Would you rock this?

23. High Slitted White and Black Colored Wedding Dress
Photo Source: yifme

Down to the final idea of today, is this amazing white and black colored wedding dress. The high slit is so cool. I tell you this bride must be feeling on top of the world right now because she absolutely rocks on this outfit.

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