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23 Colored Wedding Dress Ideas for Unique Brides

Every social event gets people actively creative, in search for the best outfit that will wow the rest of the congregation but guys... this one is no ordinary event. A wedding ceremony is one where the main focus of the day is on two cute love birds who have fallen in love and despite all odds come together openly to vow never to become two anymore but ONE until death do them part. Well, you know the rest of the story... One striking fact about a wedding ceremony is that the focus on a couple of the day should be astonishing, one to reckon with, that's why the bride, as well as the groom, must be beautifully kitted up for their big day. Another fact about a wedding event is that originally, the brides put on a beautiful flowing mermaid dress usually white in color while the groom is nicely dressed in a suite. How about changing the original old fashioned trend to something new like a charming colored princess wedding dresses for unique and creative

How to Develop Yourself - 28 Ways to Self Development

Source: Pixabay The key to realizing that much we can achieve with our time is to understand how little but important our productive life here on earth is.  We often spend most of our time doing things that are not close to our goals and aspirations or even close to our potentials. Endeavor to constantly explore your willpower and you will be marveled at the things you can achieve in as much as it is believed that the wealthiest place in the world is not in the middle east where there are oils on the ground Or, in South Africa where there are diamonds in the mines, neither is it in the gold regions of the world but it is in the cemetery where genuine talents are buried, unrealized nor exploited. Books unwritten and ideas never developed burry the potential we came to live with. We must always be in competition within ourselves in taking persevered steps towards achieving our desired goals. The phrase “comfort zone” is for non-progressive minded people.