What is My Skin Type?

What is My Skin Type? 

Table of Contents 

- What is “skin type”? (What does “skin type” mean?) 

- What is my skin type? 

- Why is it Important to Know my Skin Type? 

- How do I know my skin type?

A lot of questions are being asked about; 
  • What is “skin type”? 
  • What is my skin type? 
  • Why is it Important to Know my Skin Type? 
  • How do I know my skin type? 
Well, this article is here to answer your questions. 

What is “skin type”?  (The meaning of skin type)

Skin type is the description and interpretation of how and why your skin looks and feels the way it does. The skin is essential to a person’s survival.

The skin forms a barrier that helps prevent harmful components from entering the body. When it comes to skin care products, the skin according to type reacts either positively or negatively to what enters into it (the skin).

In order to help us know what kind of skin food (in skin care products) to feed our skin with, we must know what type of skin we’ve got. 

What is my skin type? 

A lot of people have different skin traits and different names for the type of skin they’ve got.

According to beauticians, beauty magazines, different schools of thought on skin/ skin care and so on, the most common type of skin consists of four to six different types as contained in the segments below. 

There are different types of skin, they are; 

Note: In my opinion, number one to four are the most common types of skin.

1. Normal skin (skin is normal, free from oily areas and is not dry) 

2. Dry skin (skin is dull, tight, flaky, with no sign of oily areas) 

3. Oily skin (skin has no dry areas, oily shine appears all over the skin) 

4. Combination skin (skin has a combination of oily shine on the central areas of the face and dry or normal everywhere else)

Some people may have what can be classified under the following:

5. Sensitive skin (in my opinion, everyone has a sensitive skin especially when you don't apply proper and mostly natural care to your skin), 

6. Blemish-prone skin (basically associated with the oily skin type) 

Why is it Important to Know my Skin Type? 

Before you care to know about the type of skin you have, and how to care for your skin according to its type, you should first know why it is important to know your skin type. 

Let’s begin by adopting this popular saying “every problem has a solution”. Why do you go to the hospital for a medical check-up? It’s because different health problem requires different treatment pattern.

So also every skin type requires different product formulations and recognizing your skin type helps with a recommended product formulation according to its type. 

How do I know my skin type? 

Knowing your particular skin type can be sometimes complicated. Personally speaking, I know that in a year I experience at least four of the various skin types differently.

This different experience is as a result of the following: 
  • Climate change 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Stress 
  • Skincare/ beauty products 
  • Skin disorders 
  • Water impurity 
  • The food you eat (junk foods) 
  • Your body system. 
The question; How do I know my skin type? It is a question only experience through personal observation can answer.

But a little guide on how to go about it is promised in this article.

If you pay close attention to your skin, you will observe your skin feeling and acting differently when you are stressed; new on a beauty product; when the weather is changed, either the weather condition is hot or cold; from season to season, or even week to week.

Personally, I’ve observed that my skin is very oily during summer (when the weather is scorching hot), it doesn’t matter which country you are.

Again my skin is sometimes very dry during autumn (when the weather condition is dry) and everything seems to break easily, from your lips to your feet to objects around you if care is not taken, and during this season, I apply moisturizers very generously on my skin.

My skin is usually normal during winter (when it mostly rain and everywhere is cool and enjoyable). 

On the contrary, when my whole being is affected by environmental hazards such as stress, air and water pollution, my skin changes negatively as well. 

Other times, when I change a beauty product or buy a fake beauty product, it affects my skin negatively as well. 

Now, how do you know your skin type? Well, just observe your skin at different seasons and situations of your life following these Easy steps to determine your skin type.

Be able to also identify when your skin type switches from being oily, dry, normal, combined, to anything else. When this happens, what next? Well, I’ll tell you what next: 


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