The Secrets of Aging Gracefully


Aging is a natural phenomenon and basic characteristics of the human race, it is a continuous and a spontaneous change in the growth process of the body of a living thing (man) beginning at Birth and ends at Death. 
Aging is normal in the lifespan of every individual, these are some of the aging processes: » The hair turns gray » the nails become brittle » the skin loses it Elasticity and begins to wrinkle » Kidney functioning slows down » the efficiency of the Heart to pump blood begins to weaken e.t.c. 

Aging is a progressive damage of cells and a decrease in the functioning of the body system over time, essentially our body wear out due to ''use'' once these body cells begin to wear out they no longer perform their functions as required, although all of the physical characteristics of aging are inevitable and they vary in individuals and are directly related to a person's overall lifestyle. 

If a person engages in the certain deteriorating way of living that has negative effects on the body system and it functioning like smoking, too much intake of Alcohol and other chemical substances, lack of exercises, unbalanced diet e.t.c all these can lead to aging in an undesirable manner. However in other to age gracefully and look awesome, this few steps will guide you in aging gracefully

The following are the secrets to aging gracefully:

(1) Eat balanced Diet

Eating a healthy balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health and can help you feel your best. Eating a balanced diet also means the intake of a variety of foods in the right proportions and consuming the right amount of food and drinks to achieve well being.

(2) Exercise regularly

Exercises aids blood circulation and also energizes the entire body system to function efficiently in maintaining sufficient performance of the vital organs in boosting the immune system as well as body cells which are much important in aging with great beauty.

(3) Stay away from too much intake of Alcohol and other chemical substances

Generally the intake of this harmful substances deter and weakens body cells from functioning efficiently thereby putting an individual at risk of numerous health consequences which could range from Heart failure, Kidneys overworked, obstructing the hemoglobin and blood cells were the body tissues will lack sufficient oxygen and can make the skin wrinkle and loose it elasticity easily.

(4) Keep off from cigarettes

Yes, cigarettes do cause your skin to age faster, when you take a puff of cigarette you may feel a sense of calm relief but that action has the opposite effect on your blood vessels which immediately become thinner and spasm. 

This reduces circulation and decreases the oxygen level in your blood, anything that decreases the oxygen in your blood is going to affect your skin as well and it causes premature aging and wrinkles, Says Dr. Moore a Dermatologist.

(5) Be skeptical on certain cosmetics in whose contents has skin damaging agents

In all maintaining a healthy lifestyle is paramount in Aging with great beauty and radiance. It is important to know exactly the type(s) of beauty products to feed your skin with. Know your type of skin, work with what works best for your skin type, and use the skin care beauty products that are compatible with your skin type. You can start with these basic skin care beauty tips for a natural ageless look.

For information on how to know your skin type, read my articles on:

(6) Avoid overthinking

Overthinking will only cause your face and body to wrinkle and shrink, it will leave you with heart and headaches and will ultimately lead to unhappiness and stress. 

Stress makes the body system to react and overheat in a way that is unfavorable to the entire body mechanism and therefore forces you to age quickly with all manner of health-related issues in place. 

For you to age gracefully, you should erase the act of overthinking from your daily activity. overthinking does not solve the problem(s) at hand, it only compounds the problem and the body system working in good conditions is all you need to scale through whatever is the problem you are thinking about. 

When the mind is calm and free from stress, healthy and innovative ideas to tackle and solve problems emerge.


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