Stress Management: 7 Ways to Manage Stress

Stress management: 7 Ways to Manage Stress

Wikipedia defines stress management as a wide spectrum of techniques and psychotherapies aimed at controlling a person's level of stress. 

For the purpose of improving everyday living /function.

Here in Nigeria, people have always engulfed with pursuance for wealth that it makes them neglect themselves health wise. 

They ignore symptoms when they see it. (it's an ordinary headache, it will stop)let me refer to an incident that happened recently with a lady during one of our health outreach at a popular bank.

She was listening to the health presentation and afterward her colleagues were all coming up for a personal health check. I noticed she isolated herself and was on her own. 

I walked up to her and engaged here in a conversation on why she is alone and shying away from the health check. Now her major fear was what if he/ she test's positive to any chronic ailment, a situation we face on a daily basis FEAR.

I got to convince her that knowledge of it makes you learn preventive measures and finally she agreed. 

Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure, of which she never knew until that day. I discussed the symptoms she feels and she confirmed them.

I asked her to open up in confidence to me, and she explained that she has a high target to remit to the bank on monthly basis and also having to cope with a husband who just lost his job. 

Now the thought of not meeting her monthly target triggers her innermost fear which recycles to her body system and keeps raising her blood pressure. Now, this is silently killing her and she was not aware.

Now let's assume I did not convince her to get a health check, she might end up collapsing and it could lead to death and as Nigerians we blame it on spiritual forces.

Stress produces numerous physical and mental symptoms which vary according to each individual 's situational factors. 

These include physical health decline and depression. For one to have a successful life, you have to be knowledgeable with your health and ways of stress management. 

Mainly there are two types of stress. Acute stress, and chronic stress. The most dangerous is chronic stress.

Now as an individual it's essential to monitor your body language and signs such as:

• Constant headache

• Dizziness

• The stiffness of the neck region

• Insomnia or too much sleep

• Significant weight loss or weight gain

• Social withdrawal

• Constant fatigue. Etc

When you notice these symptoms, try to know general health status as to be on a safe side.

Despite stress been thought of as a subjective experience, levels of stress are readily measurable using various physiological tests similar to the polygraph test. But now you make use of a quantum machine. 

Let me highlight ways to manage stress in our daily lives:

1. Take a break: 

It may seem difficult to get away from your bank job or big project but truth be told, once that stress knocks you down. someone else is brought in to take over and the project goes on.

2. Meditate: 

Meditation helps the body and mind relax. During this period, you can visualize new ways to achieve your goal without been stressed out. Meditation helps release emotions that may have adverse effects on the body.

3. Exercise: 

Regular exercise is a sure deal to be stress relieved because when you exercise, your body system is at utmost function and stress is wiped out. 

The exercise could last about 20minutes or more, depends on what you do. It could be jogging, dancing, yoga, swimming etc.

4. Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake: 

Some individuals believe that energy drinks or alcohol keeps them strong and going. 

But the reverse is the case because caffeine destabilizes your immune systems. It relieves you for the moment but builds back stronger and on the long run, it does its damage.

5. Avoid people who stress you out: 

If someone consistently causes stress in your life. And you can't turn the relationship around. 

It's advised you limit the amount of time you spend with the person or end the relationship because if not handled falls to depression and its effect is catastrophic.

6. Adjust your attitude: 

How you think or view things have an effect on its outcome, be it emotional or physical. 

If you think negatively about the predicaments, your body reacts accordingly. If you have a positive attitude to it, then you are more likely to be on the good side of fortune.

7. Medication: 

Always be in the know with your medications. Take the right supplements to aid your body and boost your immune system.

Be vigilant, health is wealth. Know your health status.

Author: (Zuby Jonas)
Zuby Jonas
"I am a writer, nutritionist, and health advisor. I believe in health first then wealth follows".


  1. This is inspiring, thanks the empress

    1. Thanks to you too Henry for reading this article. Shalom

  2. Good points but how do you avoid a stressful line manager?

    1. You can start by shutting out the negative vibes of the line manager

    2. Try to figure out why He's being stressful, amend where necessary and ensure that you maintain a cheerful disposition while at work it will create a work-friendly environment for you. Remember, He's the BOSS, avoid any form of "combat" or "I am fed up" kind of disposition OK.

  3. Thank you for the words of wisdom


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