How to Determine Your Skin Type: Two Practical Methods

How to Determine Your Skin Type: Two Practical Methods

The skin is essentially an important aspect of your everyday beauty and look, knowing your skin and everything it loves and reacts well with is a key factor in promoting your everyday gorgeous look.

The skin is as important as other vital organs of your body, taking good care of your skin is as necessary as breathing but in order to care for your skin, you have to know the exact type of skin you have so as to know what treatment and care best soothes it.

For easy identification of your skin type, we have to know the different types of skin (the most common types of skin) and the procedures to determine which one is yours. First of all, there are four main types of skin. They are:
  • Normal skin type,
  • Oily skin type,
  • Dry skin type, and
  • Combination skin type.
In order to determine your skin type, we have made available two easy practical methods to do so in the comfort of your home with just one material; blotting sheets (buy blotting sheets from jumia).  The other method requires simple day to day observation of your skin, but you are not alone, this article will put you through on how to observe your skin to know its type.

The two (easy) practical methods to determine your skin type

You can identify the type of skin you have by following these simple steps; 
  • By using blotting sheets (paper) 
  • The natural-know-how (observation method)

Using blotting sheets (paper)

This easy to use method is faster and easy to interpret, it works more accurately when your face is clean (washed and dried) and free from any artificial (skin/ beauty care) products. 

Pat the blotting sheets on different areas of your face, preferably on the T-Zone areas of your face, gently rub on the blotting sheets to absorb more oil on the face (if any), leave it on for about three to five minutes,

By now you can be able to see the amount of oil on your blotting sheets (again, if any). Gently pull it out, hold it up to a bright light to reveal its content.

Here's how to interpret your result:

  • For Normal skin type; the blotting sheet should reveal little oil especially around your nose and forehead areas, 
  • For Oily skin type; the sheets should reveal the extreme amount of oil,
  • For Dry skin type; the blotting sheet should reveal little or no oil,
  • For Combination skin type; the blotting sheet should reveal oil around your nose and forehead areas. 

The natural-know-how (observation method)

This method simply involves observing your skin (with no material needed). what you are expected to do is;

1. wash and dry your face with a mild cleanser (soap) and clean soft towel (pat dry),

2. Leave your face bare (without any skin/ beauty care products),

3. Observe the changes on your face in 30 minutes, take down your records and,

4. Observe your skin again after another 30 minutes and note down the details.

Here's how to interpret your result:

  • For Normal skin type; you'll probably notice little shine on your forehead and nose areas,
  • For Oily skin type; you'll be dealing with an extreme amount of oil or shine around your T-Zone areas (forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks),
  • For Dry skin type; you should have a reveal of little or no oil/ shine on your face,
  • For Combination skin type; you'll probably have a reveal of oil or shine around your nose and forehead areas.
With these methods, you should be able to identify the type of skin you have, with it also, you will be able to provide the necessary beauty care routine for your skin with the right type of beauty care products.

Talking about beauty care solutions to your skin, you can start by practicing these amazing six skin care beauty tips for a natural ageless look,  and be sure to subscribe to this blog for a notification on every skin related articles and many more.

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Thanks, for reading this article, I hope you find it fruitful in your gorgeous skin/ skincare journey.


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