32 Skin Care tips for Normal Skin

32 Skin Care Tips for Normal Skin

For the awesome fact that you've got many beautiful women's' dream skin type, does not mean that all is automatically well, without taking care of your skin to maintain it's luxurious properties in normal circumstance, it may turn your all-loving and admirable skin to something else overnight.

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For some individuals, normal skin type can be somewhat difficult to identify. 

Individuals with normal skin type can neither say their skin is dry nor oily, but it could be sensitive to some natural and/ or environmental factors,

And this goes for any skin type, especially when involved with allergies and improper skin care maintenance culture.

First, it is important to know your skin type, you can do that using these two practical methods on how to determine (know) your skin type.

Normal skin type is generally marked by the following characteristics:

  • The normal skin type is neither too oily nor too dry,
  • With the normal skin type, there’s the presence of little or no shine on the face,
  • With the normal skin type, the pore size is usually visually closed or normal in size,
  • With the normal skin type, the skin doesn’t flake or crack,
  • This skin type has no random issues of acne,

Ideally, normal skin type is grouped into;

  • Normal to oily skin type,
  • Normal to combination skin type, and,
  • Normal to dry skin type.
With this, you can tell the difference between which normal to “what” type of skin you have and know how to care for your skin type.

The way your skin reacts from its original state depends on so many factors ranging from skin care products you use to how nature and the environment affect your skin either positively or negatively.

A normal skin type is perfect but might need some careful, selective methods in maintaining its beauty, nature, and radiance, you can start with the basics; six skin care beauty tips for a natural ageless look.

This article is about how to care for the normal skin type, without any further ado, let’s dive right into the tips and tricks:

For easy classification of the tips and tricks to caring for the normal skin type, I shall talk about each solution based on the following subheadings:
  • Skincare/ beauty products
  • Hormones
  • Nature
  • Environmental conditions
  • Lifestyle

Skin Care/ Beauty Products: (Tips and Tricks for Normal Skin Type)

For a large number of people, the way their skin and general well-being depends largely on the skin care regimen they adopt into their lifestyle.

If you want to keep your luxurious normal skin at bay, you may want to consider the following:

1. Identify which category of the normal skin type you are likely or already have, and avoid the "don'ts" activities on your skin,

2. Don't use ant over-drying skin care products on your skin,

3. Use sunscreen(s) when you go out in the sun,

4. Avoid very harsh cleansers on your face,

5. Use a mild but effective cleanser and toner on your skin,

6. Use a gentle exfoliant (AHA or BHA),

7. For normal skin type, skin care/ beauty products containing 2% of lactic acid is recommended,

8. Although any texture of beauty products you use on your skin should depend on your preference, a light-weight texture of any beauty product is recommended for the normal skin type,

9. Use SPF 30 or more to protect your skin against the scorching effects of sunlight (especially during summer),

10. Use soft brushes, sponges and clean towel especially on your face to avoid skin irritation.

Hormones: (Skin Care Tips and Tricks for Normal Skin Type)

Hormonal changes/ imbalance is another factor (internal) that affects the nature of our skin. These hormonal changes include but are not limited to; 
  • Pregnancy,
  • Menstrual cycle,
  • Puberty stage in adolescence,
  • Menopause, etc.
Some of the hormonal changes can also lead to some skin disorders like;
  • Eczema,
  • Skin pigmentation,
  • Rosacea,
  • Acne,
  • Psoriasis,
  • Dermatitis, etc.
But whatever is the cause, it sometimes fades away on its own and you can aid its cure with some natural skin care therapy that you combine together in your kitchen or you get a store-bought skin care product for its effect keeping in mind the ingredients that work best for your skin type. 

Nature: (Skin Care Tips and Tricks for Normal Skin Type)

Nature under climate/ weather condition (cold, hot, warm, dry, moist, dusty) affects your skin condition, but again, there’s a solution for every weather condition.

You may want to put the following into consideration: 

11. Use medium to thick-weight (consistency) beauty products,

12. Use moisturizers containing Shea butter, coconut oil and/or argan oil,

13. Use clean and dry towels on your face,

14. Use active cleansers to de-clog your pores,

15. Use warm water to wash your face and body,

16. Use natural antioxidants like green tea natural (homemade) toner to clean your face at least 2 times a week.

Environmental conditions: (Skincare Tips and Tricks for Normal Skin Type)

The environmental hazards create additional free radicals that damage skin collagen and other genetic components that stabilize our skin.

The unfavorable effects caused by all manner (water, air, etc) of environmental pollutions reflect on our skin which in turn determines your skin type. 

With the below tips you can protect your skin from the effects caused by environmental pollutions; 

17. Protect your yourself from inhaling any air pollutant like; smoke, dust, chemical fuse from factories, smokes from vehicle exhaust pipes etc, 

18. Wash dirt off your body before bedtime, 

19. Use sun protective shields (umbrellas, hats/ face cap, sunshades, SPF 30 or more) when out in the sun, 

20. Avoid the application of harsh chemical peels on your skin and avoid going under the scorching heat of the sun if you must apply such products on your skin, 

21. Use moisturizers more often, 

22. Use hydrating and skin replenishing skin care products on your skin, 

23. Use skin care/ beauty products that contain mild nature-based antioxidants. 

Lifestyle: (Skincare Tips and Tricks for Normal Skin Type)

Have you heard the popular saying “your lifestyle is the definition of who you are”? A person’s lifestyle includes; 
  • What you eat and drink, 
  • Some medication you take, (some birth control pills may increase oily skin thereby causing acne and other skin issues), 
  • The nature of your job, 
  • Your personality (emotions, psychology), 
  • Your social life, 
  • Your relationship, 
  • Your ideologies, belief system on skin and skin care products, 
  • The kind of people in your life, and of course, 
  • The type of beauty products you use. 
With all already said, it is important to look into your lifestyle and know which area you’re found guilty as it affects your skin type.

For beautiful maintenance of normal skin type, it is advised that you; 

24. Eat healthy (natural) foods, 

25. Drink lots of water and fruits, 

26. Avoid stress, 

27. Get enough sleep, 

28. Use organic based beauty care products, 

29. Avoid harsh chemical component present in most beauty care products, 

30. Exercise regularly, 

31. Hydrate, 

32. Be happy.

And thanks for reading this article, I sincerely hope it makes a positive difference in your skincare journey.


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