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Stress Management: 7 Ways to Manage Stress

Stress management: 7 Ways to Manage Stress
Wikipedia defines stress management as a wide spectrum of techniques and psychotherapies aimed at controlling a person's level of stress. 
For the purpose of improving everyday living /function.
Here in Nigeria, people have always engulfed with pursuance for wealth that it makes them neglect themselves health wise. 
They ignore symptoms when they see it. (it's an ordinary headache, it will stop)let me refer to an incident that happened recently with a lady during one of our health outreach at a popular bank.
She was listening to the health presentation and afterward her colleagues were all coming up for a personal health check. I noticed she isolated herself and was on her own. 
I walked up to her and engaged here in a conversation on why she is alone and shying away from the health check. Now her major fear was what if he/ she test's positive to any chronic ailment, a situation we face on a daily basis FEAR.

I got to convince he…

Blueberry and Blackberry Smoothie Recipe

Blueberry and Blackberry Smoothie Recipe
I am a lover of everything natural and healthy like this beautiful purple nature's goodness. The aroma is greatly pleasing. 
When iced, you can feel it traveling down your inner body with its amazing health benefits and taste. 
I like to share my wonderful experience and everything healthy that works for me that's why I'll share this recipe with you for free as always so without any further ado, let's get started. 
These are my simple steps on how to make a delicious Blueberry and Blackberry Smoothie Ingredients½ cup of pomegranate juice,½ cup of vanilla yogurt,Some blueberries,Some blackberries, andCherries (optional).BenefitsThe above-mentioned fruits are pack full with their purple and blue varying amounts of health-promoting wonder.They are great antioxidants that maintain good health of mind and body,They promote good eye health,They promote good health function,They also prevent some types of cancer.TipsWash the fruits wit…

The Secrets of Aging Gracefully

Aging is a natural phenomenon and basic characteristics of the human race, it is a continuous and a spontaneous change in the growth process of the body of a living thing (man) beginning at Birth and ends at Death.  Aging is normal in the lifespan of every individual, these are some of the aging processes: » The hair turns gray » the nails become brittle » the skin loses it Elasticity and begins to wrinkle » Kidney functioning slows down » the efficiency of the Heart to pump blood begins to weaken e.t.c. 
Aging is a progressive damage of cells and a decrease in the functioning of the body system over time, essentially our body wear out due to ''use'' once these body cells begin to wear out they no longer perform their functions as required, although all of the physical characteristics of aging are inevitable and they vary in individuals and are directly related to a person's overall lifestyle. 

If a person engages in the certain de…

What is My Skin Type?

What is My Skin Type? 
Table of Contents 
- What is “skin type”? (What does “skin type” mean?) 
- What is my skin type? 
- Why is it Important to Know my Skin Type? 
- How do I know my skin type?

A lot of questions are being asked about;  What is “skin type”?  What is my skin type?  Why is it Important to Know my Skin Type?  How do I know my skin type?  Well, this article is here to answer your questions.  What is “skin type”?  (The meaning of skin type) Skin type is the description and interpretation of how and why your skin looks and feels the way it does. The skin is essential to a person’s survival.

The skin forms a barrier that helps prevent harmful components from entering the body. When it comes to skin care products, the skin according to type reacts either positively or negatively to what enters into it (the skin).

In order to help us know what kind of skin food (in skin care products) to feed our skin with, we must know what type of skin we’ve got.  What is my skin type?  A lot…

32 Skin Care tips for Normal Skin

32 Skin Care Tips for Normal Skin
For the awesome fact that you've got many beautiful women's' dream skin type, does not mean that all is automatically well, without taking care of your skin to maintain it's luxurious properties in normal circumstance, it may turn your all-loving and admirable skin to something else overnight.

For some individuals, normal skin type can be somewhat difficult to identify. 
Individuals with normal skin type can neither say their skin is dry nor oily, but it could be sensitive to some natural and/ or environmental factors,

And this goes for any skin type, especially when involved with allergies and improper skin care maintenance culture.

First, it is important to know your skin type, you can do that using these two practical methods on how to determine (know) your skin type.

Normal skin type is generally marked by the following characteristics: The normal skin type is neither too oily nor too dry,With the normal skin type, there’s the presen…

How to Determine Your Skin Type: Easy Ways to Know your Skin Type

How to Determine Your Skin Type: Easy Ways to Know your Skin Type Table of Contents: How to determine normal skin type How to determine oily skin type How to determine dry skin type How to determine combination skin type How to determine sensitive skin type Your skin is beautiful, radiant, luxurious and charming when properly taken care of but how can you take proper care of your skin when you don't even know what type of skin you've got?

Every skin type has its own care formulation, things you do and skincare/ beauty products you use to care for it.
It is one thing to know how to care for your skin, at least the basic knowledge we all have with regards to the skin, but it is another thing to know your type of skin.

With this article, you are covered, you can follow these practical methods on how to determine your skin type and be sure to also continue reading this article to get the full hint on how to determine your skin type.

We have five known types of skin;The normal skin …

How to Determine Your Skin Type: Two Practical Methods

How to Determine Your Skin Type: Two Practical Methods
The skin is essentially an important aspect of your everyday beauty and look, knowing your skin and everything it loves and reacts well with is a key factor in promoting your everyday gorgeous look.

The skin is as important as other vital organs of your body, taking good care of your skin is as necessary as breathing but in order to care for your skin, you have to know the exact type of skin you have so as to know what treatment and care best soothes it.

For easy identification of your skin type, we have to know the different types of skin (the most common types of skin) and the procedures to determine which one is yours. First of all, there are four main types of skin. They are: Normal skin type,Oily skin type,Dry skin type, andCombination skin type. In order to determine your skin type, we have made available two easy practical methods to do so in the comfort of your home with just one material; blotting sheets (buy blotting sheet…

The Skin: (Structure of the Human Skin) Functions and Importance Explained

The Skin: (Structure of the Human Skin) Functions and Importance Explained Generally speaking, the skin refers to the outer body layer or covering of any animal, but technically, it is the outer layer or covering of any animal with a backbone (vertebrate).

The skin has a well-formed structure that is present in all vertebrates which include: reptiles, human, birds, to mention a few. In this article, I will focus on the human skin.  There is one point to note, it is that the skin, (whether of human or fishes, or reptiles), is a protective field against some level of damage (whether natural or synthetic damage).

The crocodile, for instance, has a very tough outer skin layer that makes it a hard nut to crack for predators of the wild.
In humans, the outer skin layer is like a waterproof that protects the skin from unhealthy reactions and skin related diseases and it is important to keep the skin protected from any harmful 4,660 substance, both natural and synthetic alike.  Below are subt…