Six Skin care beauty tips for a natural ageless look (Part One)

It is so mind-blowing to know that taking care of the skin is as complicated as not knowing the real deal behind the existence of man and the universe. 

The skin is one essential part of the body that has everyone always on their feet, it is like a mystery we all are involved with; from trying to keep it moisturized and hydrated to not knowing how to go about keeping it stunning and happy, phew. 
Six Skin care beauty tips for a natural ageless look
The hassle goes on and on for some people if not incredibly many. 

There are lots of stories on how to care for the skin as well as thousands of skin care products to choose from, ranging from skin cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, exfoliators, to facials, whether natural or synthetic. 

I have read so many books on skin care techniques and products; I have seen confusing scenarios on whether to go for organic or synthetic skin care products, so many prefer the synthetic versions of beauty products because it gives quick results that bring smiles to the face and all that. 

Well, whatever your choices are, it’s up to you but you need to know the truth about having a healthy, radiant and tender skin that won’t fall apart as you age.  

Here are six amazing, tested and 100% Approved Skin Care Beauty Tips for a Natural Ageless Look: 

1. Hydration 
2. Cleansing 
3. Moisturizing 
4. Exfoliation 
5. Sunscreen 
6. Detoxify 

1. Hydration: 

It’s all about the basics. “Hydration is the process of combining with water”. Ok! What are we combining with water here? Answer = “the skin”. 
There are many amazing ways to hydrate yourself. They are; 
Hydrate your body always
a. Drink enough water; I guess everyone knows the slogan “water is life” because indeed, water is life. Have you ever watched a plant grow? (oh, not the comic plant growth we see in cartoons). 

Without water together with other necessary elements, a plant dies or grows half-hazard, like it grows sick.

Another example is when you take a trip to Sahara desert for instance, and forget your bottle of water at home, then you get thirsty and maybe can’t find your way to water, well, I guess you’ll stop to grow. In the same light, when you are dehydrated, it affects not just the skin but every other part of the body starting from you being discomforted. 

Back to the skin! When the skin is dehydrated, it dries out leaving the skin vulnerable to shrink and break and at this point, it loses its strength and elasticity. Get used to hydrating yourself having in mind the picture of a sick plant begging for water. 

b. Stay a little more in the bathtub; this is an act of self-love and care as it does not just hydrate the skin but also calm the nerves. For an extra act of self-love, get a bathtub with hydro-massage function, which should be a Jacuzzi, heehaw! 

c. Use a natural moisturizer, 

d. Use a moisturizing body wash for a protective moisture barrier, 

e. Use Luke-warm water to avoid skin dryness. 

2. Cleansing: 

this is the most basic aspect of skin care and beauty. When it comes to cleaning the skin, it has a great deal to do with the face although all part of the body requires thorough cleaning. Cleaning the skin sets the stage for every other skin care activity on the skin. 

The major causes of skin redness, dry patches, and skin irritation are over cleaning especially with harsh cleaning products as it causes the skin to dry out. 
Cleanse your body 
Also, when you don’t clean the face or body thoroughly, you get your skin clogged up and prevent moisturizers and other helpful products from being absorbed into the skin to do its duty. 

When cleaning the skin especially the face, you should clean thoroughly but gently with a soft sponge when washing and mild but effective facial/body cleansing agents. 

 Tips to gentle cleaning of body and face: 

  •  Wash your hands first, splash water generously on your face before washing, 
  •  Wash off the dirt from your whole body before chilling in the bathtub, 
  •  Get a personal soft sponge for your face alone 
  •  Opt for a water-soluble cleanser 
  •  Wash off the make-up from your face before going to sleep 
  •  When washing your face, be gentle, not aggressive and wash in a circular motion 
  •  Avoid using alcohol cleansing contents on your face 
  •  If you must use an alcohol-based cleanser, rinse off with cold water to avoid irritation and wearing off of the skin in the long run. 

 Note: one thing to note when choosing a cleansing agent, well, in my opinion, is go for a water-soluble cleansing agent. 

A water-soluble cleansing agent is meant to feel smooth, gentle and soft on the face and skin when and after use. If your water-soluble cleansing agent feels dry or greasy on your skin after use, I suggest you go for another one, this time be more careful, and you should consult with friends or a beautician who knows a great deal on the skin and skin care products. 

You don’t have to break a bank to get a good and effective cleanser, though the pricy ones are good and mostly packed with lovely fragrance and many promising ingredients but don’t forget that it’ll be flushed down the drain before getting the chance to be absorbed fully into the skin. 

My advice is: 
  • Go for a good skin care beauty brand,
  • watch out for fake, 
  • Get familiar with the common ingredients you find on the labels of your major skin care products (read about it),
  • know what works for you and what don’t,
  • know what you should let into your skin and what you shouldn’t,
  • Watch out for reactions and blacklist some products from entering your skin,
  • Seek a beautician’s advice when necessary. 

3. Moisturize: 

there are many manufactured brands of moisturizers out there with promising but little or no true effects, in fact, some may even be the cause of your long term skin struggles. 

A good moisturizer must incorporate ingredients that can fight every enemy of beauty and ageless skin look and feel, I’m talking about free-radicals, damages caused by environmental pollution of all sorts while helping all forms of skin cells function well. 
Moisturize your skin always
Get familiar with the difference, choose a more promising product that contains mostly natural ingredients and oils like coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil, olive oil, castor oil and many other natural oils you can lay your hands on, or you can opt for the unscented/undiluted natural oils and use them generously on your skin. 

like the natural moisturizer, there are many body wash with natural oils available for pick-up. 

The moisturizing body wash is a better option for a tender skin feel and look. All skin types need a moisturizer, but the texture of the products to apply on your skin is what you should put into consideration. 

Know your skin type and what works best for your skin type. 
To continue reading, click the link box below for Part two of six skin care beauty tips for a natural ageless look. 


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