How To Make Moringa-Ginger Tea

The essence for this is to give more nutritional value and a great ginger-aroma to your moringa tea as most people do not enjoy the plain moringa tea (without flavor).

Ginger will, therefore, serve as a natural flavor. Ginger is filled with so many amazing nutrients that are great for the body to function properly,

so it is definitely a win-win situation when you include ginger to your moringa tea recipe.
Moringa Ginger-Tea 

Here is how to make moringa-ginger tea

Step 1

 Make moringa tea first. Learn how to make moringa tea.

Step 2

Peel out the skin of fresh healthy ginger, wash and chop into tiny pieces and sundry. You can use an already dried ginger, only wash it properly before blending.
Chopped Ginger
Note: you should blend the ginger separately from the moringa leaves and dry it before mixing with the moringa powder.

Step 3

Mix the blended ginger with the moringa powdered leaf together before storing.
Dry Ginger

Step 4

Store it in a transparent glass jar.

This combination will give more nutritional value plus a heavenly aroma to your tea. This is an easy method on how to make moringa-ginger tea, enjoy.

Here are: 16 amazing reasons why you should drink moringa tea every day.

For use, kindly check with your doctor to know if it's ok for your body system, but it is important to know the health benefits of Moringa Oleifera, thus, 20 health benefits of Moringa Oleifera, the miracle tree, and the amazing health benefits of Moringa leaves.

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