15 things to do on Valentine’s Day

15 things to do on Valentine’s Day

It’s here again, it’s the season of Love, it’s February 14, its Valentine’s Day. There’s a history behind the famous Valentine’s Day which we all should know. 

I’ll make it brief and precise. It all started in Rome with a priest of Rome who assisted persecuted Christians and was killed for it.
There are many ways to celebrate Valentine's Day. In some countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February while in others. 

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on other dates depending on the country’s calendar, other belief, and cultural practices and preferences.

Notable Valentine’s Day Celebration and Status

  • The custom of gifting flowers, cards, chocolates, bangles and watches with other gift items is said to have originated from the United Kingdom, 
  • In China, Valentine’s Day is called “lovers Festival” 
  • In some culture and custom, it is marked by a fashion day known as the “white day” when most young people dress beautifully in white to celebrate love with the presentation of gifts and sweet words to mark their love day. 
  • Notable among the Lebanese, Valentine’s Day is a day when people exchange sweet words and gifts as a sign of love. 
  • In the Philippines, Valentine’s Day is mostly marked by wedding events and love celebrations with lots of gifts for exchange and love in the air. 
  • In Ireland, people in search for true love visit the resting place of St. Valentine in pilgrimage, to pray for true love, 
  • In Finland and to some other people, Valentine’s Day is simply “friend’s day”, meaning, a day to remember, appreciate and celebrate with friends, 
  • For many other people according to values and norms, Valentine’s Day is a day set aside for family reunification, celebration, and exchange of gifts and ideas.

Whether the history of Valentine beginning with St. Valentine of Rome is the real account of Valentine’s Day or not, I think a day in a whole 365 days a year isn’t bad at all to celebrate and share gifts and affection for lovers, friends and/or family.

No matter the reason for your Val celebration, it's worth celebrating and in this article, I present to you 15 things to do on Valentine’s Day as well as Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for your friends and loved ones.

15 things to do on Valentine’s Day

1. Valentine’s Day is a day of Love, happiness, and friendship. A day set aside to celebrate and appreciate friends, family and loved one for their friendship, care, and love. 
It’s a day for lovers to reassure and renew their love vows.
2.      Valentine’s Day should be a day for forgiveness of oneself and others;
3.      A day for self-love and appreciation as well as the love for others.
4.      A day to put smiles on the faces of everyone you come across with.
5.      A day to show and share love and gifts;
6.      A day to show true affection to your spouse;
7.      A day to reconcile those long lingered issues;
8.      A day to listen to your spouse,
9.      A day to understand your spouse;
10.  A day to put aside your differences;
11.  A day to put aside your pride, walk up to your spouse and say I’m sorry, let’s make it right this time.  
12.  Like in the days of St. Valentine, Valentine’s Day should be a day to reunite, reconnect and embrace humanity;
13.  A day to reflect on the importance of peaceful co-existence of man and his environment;
14.  A day to shun violence and hate;
15.  A day to lend a helping hands on close friends and associates as well as to strangers.


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