10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your loved one

10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your loved one

It's the season of Love, the moment we have long waited for. It's time to receive lovely gifts, compliments, appreciation and love vows, It's time to meet old friends and make new friends, the lists go on and on. 

There are so many things to do on Valentine's Day, here's a few; 15 things to do on Valentine's Day.
Happy Valentine's Day

Here are 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your loved one

1.      Scented Candles: 

Candles so bright and beautiful with lovely fragrance will cheer your Lover or friend or family on a day like this. 

There are many shapes, colors, and fragrance out there for pick-up. A little trick here will do; get to know His/ Her color preference, the best shape to express your purpose accompanied by a lovely fragrance to bring out smiles from His/ Her face.

2.      A Lovely Bath-Tub Date:

It could be in your living apartment or in a nice hotel suite. It could also be a surprise date or a planned one, whichever it is, it is the memory here that counts. 

Beautify the area with lovely flowers, bars of chocolate, colorful candle-lights with a lovely fragrance. Here you are expected to renew your love and relationship with promises you are sure to keep.

3.      Delicious Cookies:

These are my favorite for a reason, first, they look colorful and adorable and of course taste good. 

You could make these beauties for your loved one and fortunately, it is an “Oh Yes” idea for family and friends served with good wine, with nice music in the background while you share lovely memories with your friends and/or family.

4.      Flowers:

From the beginning, flowers are symbols of love and why not? for a day like this.

You could send a flower to a crush with a note written on it “be my Val” or to your spouse with a note “I Love You” or to a friend with a note written “Thank You for your Friendship”  or to a family with a customized note written, e.g. “I Love you mum,”.

It doesn’t have to be very expensive, it is the message and the memory you make with a simple note that makes the difference.

5.      A Beautiful Wrist Watch:

On Valentine's day, you want to put smiles on His/ Her face, it doesn’t matter if its a lover or a friend or family, a wristwatch is a great idea to show love.

It is a long lasting gift item that reminds the bearer of when and how it was given.

6.      Play a Simple Game:

You can make sweet memories on valentine’s day by simply playing a game. Every game has rules and regulations, how you spice yours up is up to you.

By doing this, you make beautiful memories that’ll make Him/ Her smile all day and all year long when remembered.

7.      Box(s) of Gifts:

Everyone knows the feeling you get when you are being presented with a gift that you have to unwrap to reveal the content, that feeling is so adorable. 

It doesn’t matter how expensive or silly or naughty the content wrapped inside is, all that matter is the adorable intense expectation you create out of this scene. 

The happy and excited look on the face of the receiver. This is so much a good idea for your valentine. Whatever it is, just ensure that it is nicely wrapped.

8.      A Box of Candy/ Chocolate:

A box of candy or chocolate is a perfect Valentine's gift for a friend, a lover, neighbors, kids around you or family. 

Everyone loves candy and chocolate, now you can imagine how well a box of it will go. Well, while gifting out this beauty, please look for me and gift one too because I Love! Love!! Love!!! Candy!!!!.

9.      Teddy Bear:

This one comes portable or larger than your mattress, it's so gorgeous to gift this cutie to your Loved one and it's very significant too as it sits there staring at you with lots of love and message from your loved one until you feel like letting it go.

10.  Self Love:

This is for everyone whether you have a  date or not.

My idea for self-love on a valentine’s day cannot be over-emphasized, you can take yourself out, by gifts for yourself, decorate yourself with beautiful accessory of any type, color, brand, and size, go out and be awesome or stay home.

Make your home a heaven on earth, make cookies, eat and drink all day long, sit in a beautifully decorated bath-tub and feel good about yourself while you meditate and appreciate yourself for being you.


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