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How To Make Moringa-Ginger Tea

The essence for this is to give more nutritional value and a great ginger-aroma to your moringa tea as most people do not enjoy the plain moringa tea (without flavor).

Ginger will, therefore, serve as a natural flavor. Ginger is filled with so many amazing nutrients that are great for the body to function properly,

so it is definitely a win-win situation when you include ginger to your moringa tea recipe.
Here is how to make moringa-ginger teaStep 1  Make moringa tea first. Learn how to make moringa tea.

Step 2
Peel out the skin of fresh healthy ginger, wash and chop into tiny pieces and sundry. You can use an already dried ginger, only wash it properly before blending. Note: you should blend the ginger separately from the moringa leaves and dry it before mixing with the moringa powder. Step 3 Mix the blended ginger with the moringa powdered leaf together before storing.
Step 4 Store it in a transparent glass jar.

This combination will give more nutritional value plus a heavenly aroma to …

How to make Moringa tea.

This is How to make Moringa tea.
Moringa leaves is the major ingredient that is used to make moringa tea. It may surprise you to know that moringa leaf is all that you have in most of the tea bags known as green tea. Making it at home is more rewarding and hygienic than buying already made and packed tea.   In this tutorial, you will understand the importance of making moringa tea at home, and also how to make moringa tea by yourself. It is important at this point to know the health benefits of Moringa leaves.
Benefits of making moringa tea by yourselfIt is more hygienic,You won’t burn out its nutrients by sun drying the leaves,You will be able to spice it up with any ingredient of choice (with lemon, ginger, etc)You will be able to preserve it better in ways that are appealing and sure to you,You are sure of not consuming a chemically preserved product,You save some money when you make moringa tea at home. This is how to make moringa teaStep 1 Separate the moringa leaves from its st…

Six Skin care beauty tips for a natural ageless look (Part Two)

Continuation: Six Skin care beauty tips for a natural ageless look (Part Two)
Note please: this is the continuation of Six Skin Care Beauty tips for a natural ageless look (part one). 4. Exfoliate: the skin is as demanding as its importance, it needs a careful and gentle skin care routine to keep it happy and healthy. Surprisingly, exfoliation has more impact on the skin than many other of its beauty counterpart. 
How does exfoliation work?  The skin has an upper and lower skin layer, the upper skin layer shields the skin and it’s activities from the sun/ environmental damage. 

The upper layer of the skin exposed to these external forces causes it to grow weak and old then eventually die and sheds off while the lower layer of the skin produces new cells and moves up to the top layer to push off and fully replace the aged and dead skin cells. 
Young skin regenerates very quickly in the shed-off and replacement process of skin cells. As we age, the skin cell renewal process becomes slow. 

For …

Six Skin care beauty tips for a natural ageless look (Part One)

It is so mind-blowing to know that taking care of the skin is as complicated as not knowing the real deal behind the existence of man and the universe. 

The skin is one essential part of the body that has everyone always on their feet, it is like a mystery we all are involved with; from trying to keep it moisturized and hydrated to not knowing how to go about keeping it stunning and happy, phew. 
The hassle goes on and on for some people if not incredibly many. 

There are lots of stories on how to care for the skin as well as thousands of skin care products to choose from, ranging from skin cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, exfoliators, to facials, whether natural or synthetic. 

I have read so many books on skin care techniques and products; I have seen confusing scenarios on whether to go for organic or synthetic skin care products, so many prefer the synthetic versions of beauty products because it gives quick results that bring smiles to the face and all that. 

Well, whatever your ch…

20 Health Benefits of Moringa Oliefera

What is Moringa Oleifera?
Moringa Oleifera is a fast growing drought resistant tree, native to Asia and some part of Africa. Moringa derived its name from Murungai, the Tamil word for drumstick. Moringa is a multipurpose tree that grows quickly and strong in many types of environment. It ranges from tiny herbs to massive trees that hardly dies no matter the weather condition especially in India where it most likely originated. Moringa has many type species but the most popular and most widely cultivated species is Moringa Oleifera. Moringa Oleifera has many edible parts namely:
The leaves,The immature seed pods (known as drumsticks),The flowers,The mature seeds,The seed oil (that is pressed from the seeds) and,The Roots. The following are the 20 amazing health benefits of Moringa OleiferaFor an energy boost,It reduces arthritis and pain,It controls blood pressure,A cure for an ulcer,It restricts the growth of a tumour,It naturally improves body defence mechanism,It is remarkably good f…

Avocado and Grape Smoothie Recipe

Avocado has a unique taste. combined with grapes (green) is creamy interesting. Enjoy this rich creamy avocado and grape smoothie on the go. Benefits:Green fruits are packed full of nutrients that can help lower the risk of cancerGreen fruits like Apple improves eye healthFruits like lemon and lime help burn fat,Green fruits like avocado and pear contain essential nutrients that keep one healthy and strong. Ingredients:½ cup of orange juice½ cup of any yogurt of your choice1 whole avocadoA handful of green grapes1 kiwifruit Preparation:Wash with a pinch of salt all fruits involved,Slice the fruits into small pieces for easy blending,Freeze your sliced fruits before blending (that way, your smoothie is chilled and ready for immediate consumption),Wash and clean your blender,Add your liquid (orange juice and yogurt) first near or a little above the blades for a smooth blending,Add the chilled or frozen fruits all at once and blend,Package your blended fruits (smoothie) in an air-tight …

10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your loved one

10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your loved one
It's the season of Love, the moment we have long waited for. It's time to receive lovely gifts, compliments, appreciation and love vows, It's time to meet old friends and make new friends, the lists go on and on. 
There are so many things to do on Valentine's Day, here's a few; 15 things to do on Valentine's Day. Here are 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your loved one1.Scented Candles:  Candles so bright and beautiful with lovely fragrance will cheer your Lover or friend or family on a day like this. 
There are many shapes, colors, and fragrance out there for pick-up. A little trick here will do; get to know His/ Her color preference, the best shape to express your purpose accompanied by a lovely fragrance to bring out smiles from His/ Her face. 2.A Lovely Bath-Tub Date:
It could be in your living apartment or in a nice hotel suite. It could also be a surprise date or a planned one, whichever it …

15 things to do on Valentine’s Day

15 things to do on Valentine’s Day

It’s here again, it’s the season of Love, it’s February 14, its Valentine’s Day. There’s a history behind the famous Valentine’s Day which we all should know. 
I’ll make it brief and precise. It all started in Rome with a priest of Rome who assisted persecuted Christians and was killed for it. There are many ways to celebrate Valentine's Day. In some countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February while in others. 
Valentine’s Day is celebrated on other dates depending on the country’s calendar, other belief, and cultural practices and preferences. Notable Valentine’s Day Celebration and Status The custom of gifting flowers, cards, chocolates, bangles and watches with other gift items is said to have originated from the United Kingdom, In China, Valentine’s Day is called “lovers Festival” In some culture and custom, it is marked by a fashion day known as the “white day” when most young people dress beautifully in white to celebra…