What You Should Know About your World

There is one thing you should know about your world, it is that your world is your life's activity, experience and encounter here on earth. What makes up your life is what makes up your world.
Now you may be asking what could possibly make up your life. It is this, those things in your life that are a part of your life.

These things include;

  1. Your family,
  2. Your religion,
  3. Your belief,
  4. Your belief system,
  5. Your environment,
  6. Your experience(s),
  7. The people you meet and how they influence or affect your life,
  8. Your educational background and journey, and much more.
There is no such thing as “this person or that person is better than I am” because your lane is very different from theirs. Who your mum and/or dad is, is different from another. Focus on your lane and you will see how much of a better person you will become.
Your world makes up your life, if you want to be successful in life, you will only have to focus on your lane, dance and grow with the situations around you, that is the situation you have been born into and know it that it is there for a purpose. Do not spend so much time comparing and condemning your life’s situation, you are meant to dance with it and grow as well with it until you grow out of it into something that you are more comfortable with, for this is the essence of life. If life presents poverty to you, it is asking you whether or not you want to remain in poverty. Of course, nobody wants that, that is the most important reason why you should dance away from poverty keeping in mind all the lesson it will teach you. Our world is our life, the experience(s) life brings to us is the only type of brick, and cement, (life building materials) necessary to build us, so let it build you.
It is true that some people don’t struggle so much to become successful while others do. This should not be a concern to you, you shouldn’t even be able to spot a person like that to kill your emotions but to motivate yourself alone because you are supposed to focus on your lane. The time you spend to stop and watch someone else on his lane is enough to double up your own standard, which is why you absolutely need focus in your life pursuit. Keep your head up, your eyes straight, your hope high and your smile real, these are key elements that will lead you effortlessly to your destination. This article is for everyone in such need, do not worry so much. Read about the likes of Oprah Winfrey, her story will be a source of motivation to you. If you have any question, inspiration, recommendation etc, kindly leave a comment in the box below, it will be highly appreciated. If this article is worth sharing, kindly share it to get across to so many others in such a need.


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