Benefits of Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is the exercise done to strengthen the Body, it enhances the proper functioning of the internal Organs like the Heart and Kidney. It improves the sound metabolic conditions which have numerous health benefits. 
Benefits of physical fitness; Regular physical exercise is also highly beneficial for weight reduction and weight maintenance and it also helps to improve brain chemistry and reduce depression. It has been revealed that physical inactivity significantly increases the risk of overweight, Obesity and can complicate health-related issues, the benefits of physical fitness affect not only the physical but also the social and physiological aspects of man.

Some of the benefits of physical fitness are listed as follows:

  1. Reduction of Premature Death,
  2. Reduction of the risk of developing numerous Heart-related diseases,
  3. Reduction of high blood pressure,
  4. Reduction of high cholesterol,
  5. Reduction of the risk of developing Colon Cancer and Breast Cancer,
  6. Reduction of the risk of developing Diabetes and maintenance of body weight or body fat,
  7. Reduction of depression and anxiety,
  8. Improvement of physiological well-being,
  9. Enhancement of work, recreation, Healthy muscles, bones, and joints,
  10. Improvement in flexibility.

Factors Influencing Physical Fitness

  1. The State of Health,
  2. Nutrition,
  3. Lack of time due to work or family commitments,
  4. Cost of equipment or gym membership,
  5. Lack of facility nearby,
  6. Uncertainties that may occur when exercising outdoors alone (lack of safety in some areas),
  7. Unfavourable weather conditions.
There are ways to overcome these potential barriers and fix exercises in our daily life, like getting off the bus to walk one or two steps before getting to your destination and so on.

Here are simple exercises that can be done at home to improve your overall well-being:

1. Get a skipping rope with which you can use to skip up to five Hundred (500) times a day. You can easily achieve this at intervals of one hundred at a time before bedtime or before morning shower, the number of times you do the skipping exercise can improve over time. 

2. Aerobics like playing music and dancing inform of exercises at least twenty-five (25) to forty (40) minutes. 

3. Non-Locomotor and Locomotor movements like bending, stretching, twisting, turning, pushing and pulling. Walking, running (seat ups and push ups), hopping, leaping and jumping e.t.c and lot more exercises that you are comfortable with.


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