8 Steps For a Healthy and Happy Living

Your mind and body deserve some rest, care, and love. Your daily activities overwork your body system and require you to pay attention to its needs.

Without interfering with your busy schedule, you can find ways of taking good care of yourself which are necessary for healthy and happy living. Here are a good number of ways to show some love to yourself every day. 

1. A quick morning devotion and meditation

In stillness, a lot is discovered and understood. For a healthy and happy living, take a quick 10 or 15 minutes in stillness and quietness of mind to pray and meditate.

What this does is calm and balance your mind system and prepare you for the day. Think of how wonderfully created you are, think of everything you are and have, that you are grateful for.

At this point, try in stillness, to splash on yourself a little goodness of positive encouragement and energy that will keep your mind healthy, happy and focused all day long. 

2. Exercise your body

For a healthy and happy living, a quick morning exercise will go a long way to reduce stress and physically energize you for your day’s work.

Focus on areas of your body you need relief on. If you want to reduce tummy fat, for instance, 10 sit-ups every morning is a good start.

3. Make a schedule plan

Learn to plan and work with time, it pays to do this. Before step number one, you should have made time for each activity on a schedule book or notepad. 

Trying to stay focus working with time daily helps you stay organized and stress-free which is an important factor for healthy and happy living.

4. Keep a journal

In just a few minutes, you can write your thoughts, worries, inspiration, or anything at all that comes to your mind. 

Inculcate the habit of writing a few sentences or paragraph every day either within the day or before sleeping at night. It is better to write down any idea that comes to mind as soon as it comes.

5. Eat healthy food

For a healthy and happy living, learn to nurture your body with nutritious food from today if you have not been doing so and you will thank me later.

Starting off with a glass of warm water, a jar of blended fruits and veggies is how I like to begin my day. Avoid as much as possible eating junk food.

Take energizing food for breakfast and lunch, then light food for dinner.

6. Master the art of positive thinking

Good things they say happen to positive people. There is a difference between positive thinking and being realistic. 

Try to see any situation you find yourself in from a positive perspective, work towards this and you will be happy with yourself at all time.

7. Get enough sleep

Sometimes because of too much daily work, we don’t give our body much rest as they need to fully function. Good rest and sleep are good for our body and mind. Make out quality time for rest and sleep.

8. Personal hygiene

There is a feeling that comes to you when you are neat, from your hair down to the tip of your toe. Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness. 

When you are neat, you are healthy and fit to meet with people of any caliber without feeling intimidated or uncomfortable. It is advised to wash off dirt accumulated from your daily work before going to bed.   

Thank you for taking the time to go through this, if you find this post helpful, kindly share on social media. If you have any question(s) or suggestion(s), please leave a comment down below, it will be appreciated.         


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