12 Steps to Life's Success

Life is the beauty we present to the world. is it beautiful? is it sad? are you enjoying or enduring life? these are a pinch of the many questions you should ask yourself. 

what your situation is today, depends on who you are today.
Here are 12 proven steps to live's success you should know about.

1. Keep it real and positive

Keep positive friends closer to you as often as possible. For negative friends or people around you, simply let them go but peacefully and carefully. 

If you have the will-power to change them and not get influenced by their way of thinking and way of life, then keep them but be very careful, do not mess with the power of influence.

2. Create a network of good friends and not just connections

There is a clear-cut difference between “friends” and “connection.” Friends are those you can rely on, they are meant to always be there for you in good and in bad times. 

Having a connection or connections with people is different because they pose as mostly mere contacts, mere connection(s). 

They are meant to be contacted only on a specific occasion and may not take you seriously as a true friend should.

3. Plan ahead and be proactive

Every success story you hear of today started with a humble, patient and consistent beginning, and definitely started off with a careful plan.

The owner of Microsoft, for instance, started several years back with an idea, a well-thought plan, patience, and was consistent with work.

Be aware that nothing good comes easy. Temptations of comparing yourself with others, and judging yourself and your ability and capability are enough setbacks and ultimately a killer to every abandoned dream out there.

You must think of what you want your few months ahead or year(s) time to look like, and plan for it today praying and having all positive thoughts about it. Remember He that plans the future works less in the future

4. The power of “now”

Procrastination is a killer of all dreams and ideas. It is not a crime to think big even when your life situation presents a “no way out” view to you. You must say to yourself, “I can do this,” and start doing it immediately.

5. Do not compare yourself with anybody

Ask yourself, “what am I missing” “what do I need?” “how can I arrive at what I need?” You are not deficient inability and you are not incapable until you give up on yourself.

I had always loved to be a writer, a speaker and a face of hope but I was not very sound with my written and spoken English, as the English language is not my original language, plus, I was a very shy person.

But then I searched around me, and could not find anything else I have a passion for. So I had to put myself through tedious and sleepless moments both night and day, not comparing nor condemning myself and wasting several hours and days and months and years thinking of how miserable or how much it will take me to meet up with the standard of great writers and presenters out there.

The secret behind every success is your uniqueness and how brilliantly different you and your style is from the rest. So you see, there is no need to waste so much time comparing yourself or trying to be like another.

6. Focus on yourself

It is good to admire successful people, and wish to be like them but hey! Remember they are them and you are you. You’ve got work to do. You have to develop yourself to be somebody else’s’ icon someday.

Distractions will come definitely but your ability to focus on your path to success is exactly what gives you success.

7. Listen with understanding

Listening to speeches and messages from great teachers, both religious and educational teachers, it is a way forward in becoming successful.

listen and do not be quick to condemn. Be very careful with the ideas and messages you filter into your life. People are only responsible for what they say, how you understand it and what you make of it is up to you.

Take some time to meditate on speeches you listen to and carefully let its message sink into you to build you and not to condemn and destroy you. It is alright to filter out ideas that are of no benefit to you.

8. Attend seminars and training

On any area(s), you need to improve yourself, do attend seminars and helpful training.

9. Read at least a page of any book of interest daily

The idea here is to familiarize yourself with new words, ideas, etc. If you spend 20 minutes reading and assimilating daily, for 52 weeks you would have gone through over 1,000,000 words. This is a good learning process.

10. Listen more and say less

This gives you control over what you say, it balances you up and helps you construct an intelligent message to give out to those listening.

11. Give yourself a new task daily and ensure that you follow-up

This is a personal training and development step to success. Don’t remain in the habit of being very busy yet you achieve nothing.

Keep getting better on your daily goal(s) and dream, develop yourself on them and make sure you get to the top.

12. Exercise

Ensure you engage in physical exercise, It keeps your brain alert and your body fit to enjoy your success when it finally comes because if you believe and maintain these helpful steps, success will surely come.

Most importantly, pray always, knowing that God is the giver of every success.

You do have a wonderful suggestion in mind at this moment, kindly share your tips to Life's success, there is much to learn from every piece of information. leave your contribution to this topic in the comment section below and, thanks for reading this article.


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