10 Outfits for Tall and Skinny Women

10 Amazing Outfits for Tall-Skinny Women 

For the awesome fact that you are tall and skinny, everything should look good on you. However, how you organize yourself in your outfit is exactly what takes your appearance to a whole new level.

Why do you think that some persons put on the same outfit that you have on, but look amazingly beautiful and different from you?

Well, sis, it is obviously because you're not spicing it up properly, plus your charisma must also change each time you go on a different outfit. Here are tips to help you look fantastic as you step out each day. You can also check out these 23 colored wedding dress ideas for unique brides.

1. White on white

Who says white on white is inappropriate? On tall women especially, it is astonishingly beautiful. It makes you look amazingly fresh and modern, it keeps you in a good mood and gives you a feeling of neatness and humility.

It makes you shine brighter than in many other colors. All that you have to do is blend your outfit with a different color of accessories like a blue, red, nude color, or any matching color that suits your outing purpose.

2. Show some skin

While a turtleneck and high waist jeans look perfect on tall women, showing off some skin is even better, it changes your appearance and it is a gorgeous outfit for dinner parties.

3. Put on heels

Heely shoes bring out the gorgeousness in you, it gives you a good walk-step and balance. It reveals and projects your size and shape. It is not wrong for a tall-skinny woman to put on heels at all.

It makes you stand out from many others who don’t have their heels on at the moment. However, the occasion you need heel shoes for counts. You don’t want to put on heels to exercise at the gym or to the beach.

4. Horizontal stripes

Horizontal stripes, whether it is a top or a dress is a fashion “YES” for tall women. For tall and skinny women, all you need to look out for is the color that matches your complexion and also, your length of choice.

It is only a myth that horizontal stripes makes you look fat. A helpful suggestion; a color mix of white and black is more divine irrespective of your complexion. It is a clean and gorgeous outfit for everyone.

5. Put on multiple luxurious colors

For tall and skinny women, brilliant colors such as this is not a bad idea, it makes you stand out most times and you look different and in control.

As earlier said, when you have this on, put on a good charisma that will bring out the beauty of this wonderful outfit.

6. Put on simple wears and look sweet

Try to look different sometimes, a simple men’s jean jacket with a face cap or a sexy little hat is not a taboo. It brings out the beauty of a simple and different you.

You can put that on, to a glossary store or to the movies, with cute bright sneakers, or you can put on a lovely high-heel shoe to a workshop or seminar.

7. Put on a flamboyant show of mixed prints

Prints are royal outfits, whether mixed or not. For tall and skinny women, a mixture of two or three (at most) color-matching prints as an outfit is just going to be “WOW.”

Again, a good charisma will give this outfit a more vibrant glow.

8. Don’t be afraid of loose style outfit (flowing maxi dress)

Even though you are not fat, put it on, it isn’t meant for fat people alone. This on easy wear makes you look humble and sweet.

On the other hand, on high-heels, makes you gorgeous. you need this outfit every once in a while. Your choice of color here will matter so much.

9. The red colored dress is gorgeous 

A good shade of any red colored dress of your choice is great if you're tall and skinny.

10. Get more used to ponytail hairstyles

For every tall and skinny woman, ponytail hairstyles fit perfectly well even on any costume you may wish to wear.

Ponytail hairstyles are awesome especially for tall and skinny women as it reveals the structure of your face and body including your makeup and accessory, and it makes you look simple and elegant as one of your favorite Disney princesses. 


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