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13 Attitudes To Get Rid Of For A Happy Relationship

Is your relationship suffering and lacking peace and love? are you wondering what may be the cause? check to see where you err and follow the helpful instructions to get rid of frustration, suffering, and pain for a happy and successful love relationship.  First things first, you must first be sure if your relationship is worth fighting for. if it is, then following these helpful tips is all you will need. 1. Jealousy Jealousy is a feeling of envy. You can only be jealous of something you wish to have and that is because you don’t already have it.  Everyone has the tendency to be jealous, but how you control jealousy is all that matters because it is capable of building or destroying you. You don’t have to be a green-eyed monster in your relationship, it can only destroy your happiness and that of your relationship.  There are many ways of handling such an issue in a relationship and here is one; for the sake of peace which is a major driving force in every s

8 Steps To Self Love And Development

There is no better feeling in the world than that of self-love, peace of mind and contentment. A lot of people get frustrated, blaming it on unfortunate and unfavorable life experiences, little did they know that they are the reason for their unhappiness and pain. When you are unhappy with yourself, your world also becomes unhappy with you, therefore all you see and get will be more unhappiness. you can change the way you feel, this alone is what brings love, peace of mind and over-all success and joy to you. The following are ways to develop yourself: 1. Believe in yourself First, you must believe in yourself to be able to develop yourself. You need to give yourself a great deal of positive energy to be able to develop yourself. You cannot wait for someone else to encourage because it may take a while or it may take forever. 2. Don’t be jealous or envious of another Practice the act of non-jealousy and envy because, with this, you will be calm and well balanced enough

11 Ways To Grow Your Money

It is quite easy to grow your money, some people don't just know how. These steps can also be applied to growing your business as well. 1. Create legitimate multiple sources of income create two or more business outlets and expect something tangible monthly or annually. Put all necessary security in place as you can’t be everywhere at the same time and effortlessly get more income than you would have with just one source of income. Legitimate business gives you peace of mind and stability in your business, as you really need this to grow your business and money. 2. Save at least 10 per cent of your income Make it a strict habit to save at least 10 percent of your income, you can set your income on automatic transfer to a fixed deposit account and within a year you’ll discover that you have so much on a separate account to do whatever you like, but for the purpose of this topic, reinvest your saved 10 percent income so as to further grow your money. 3. Invest a por

8 Steps For a Healthy and Happy Living

Your mind and body deserve some rest, care, and love. Your daily activities overwork your body system and require you to pay attention to its needs. Without interfering with your busy schedule, you can find ways of taking good care of yourself which are necessary for healthy and happy living. Here are a good number of ways to show some love to yourself every day.  1. A quick morning devotion and meditation In stillness, a lot is discovered and understood. For a healthy and happy living, take a quick 10 or 15 minutes in stillness and quietness of mind to pray and meditate. What this does is calm and balance your mind system and prepare you for the day. Think of how wonderfully created you are, think of everything you are and have, that you are grateful for. At this point, try in stillness, to splash on yourself a little goodness of positive encouragement and energy that will keep your mind healthy, happy and focused all day long.  2. Exercise your body F

10 Outfits for Tall and Skinny Women

10 Amazing Outfits for Tall-Skinny Women  For the awesome fact that you are tall and skinny, everything should look good on you. However, how you organize yourself in your outfit is exactly what takes your appearance to a whole new level. Why do you think that some persons put on the same outfit that you have on, but look amazingly beautiful and different from you? Well, sis, it is obviously because you're not spicing it up properly, plus your charisma must also change each time you go on a different outfit. Here are tips to help you look fantastic as you step out each day. You can also check out these 23 colored wedding dress ideas for unique brides. 1. White on white Who says white on white is inappropriate? On tall women especially, it is astonishingly beautiful. It makes you look amazingly fresh and modern, it keeps you in a good mood and gives you a feeling of neatness and humility. It makes you shine brighter than in many other colors. All that you h

12 Steps to Life's Success

Life is the beauty we present to the world. is it beautiful? is it sad? are you enjoying or enduring life? these are a pinch of the many questions you should ask yourself.  what your situation is today, depends on who you are today. Here are 12 proven steps to live's success you should know about. 1. Keep it real and positive Keep positive friends closer to you as often as possible. For negative friends or people around you, simply let them go but peacefully and carefully.  If you have the will-power to change them and not get influenced by their way of thinking and way of life, then keep them but be very careful, do not mess with the power of influence. 2. Create a network of good friends and not just connections There is a clear-cut difference between “friends” and “connection.” Friends are those you can rely on, they are meant to always be there for you in good and in bad times.  Having a connection or connections with people is different because