Your Life is a Necessity

Life in itself is quite confusing and sometimes complicated. Many who were born rich, may find themselves in a serious turmoil of hardship, agony, and pain. That does not mean that you are doomed to live. Never give up on yourself, not for any reason at all. Certain things are in place in our lives for a reason. If you see your situation as a rebuild rather than see it as a misfortune. I bring to you this few words of encouragement to tell you that your life is a necessity, you must never give up on yourself, be happy and age gracefully.

Your life is a necessity because it is valuable and worthy of creation by the Ultimate creator who after creating you, saw great potential in you that you cannot see yourself and decided to give you life for yourself and your world at large. There's a reason why your life is a necessity.

We all have made terrible mistakes in life because we are human in nature, characterized by flaws and perfection at the same time. Flaws because each time we err, we are mostly condemned by those around us and by self. The greatest evil one can ever do to self is to condemn himself. On the other hand, we are perfect because within ourselves, are the great ambition for success and progress in everything we do, all you need to do is learn how to be happy and successful in life. For some, it will be achieved, while for others, it will amount to failure.

Everyone strives to be successful and perfect in many things they do because it is in perfection that recruitment in companies and organizations can be done, nobody recruits an intellectual liability. You must put in great efforts to get that dream job of yours, or admission to the best college in the world. My point here is, you can be anything you want to be because all you need to become great and successful in life is already in you. Keep in mind that your life is a necessity and be positive always.

Your life is a necessity because the world needs you, thousands and millions of people are waiting to get their dream and desired a job in our company. The greatest invention of all time has been gifted to you by your creator. If you give up on yourself, you betray the Almighty creator who trusted you enough to have bestowed upon you the many gifts that you possess. You also betray your world and the many dreams and hope people have in you.

Your life is a Necessity, Do not give up on yourself. I want you to do this; every morning you wake up from your bed, take a deep breath and say to yourself "My life is a necessity" because indeed your life is a necessity, follow these 12 proven steps to Live's success, don't ever give up on yourself.


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