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Confidence can be learned.  Let us use public speaking as an example.  As a speaker, you’re relating directly to an audience. Any group needs to believe that you seem comfortable, that you have confidence in yourself. Otherwise, they’ll never be able to have confidence in your message. Without confidence, you have: • Fear. • Stress. • Tension. • Self-consciousness. • A rapid heartbeat that you can feel. • Disorganized thoughts. • Dryness (in your mouth). • Wetness (everywhere else). • Evident signs of discomfort. With confidence, you have: • Control (of self and audience). • Comfort. • Presence of mind to think. • Positive nervous energy making you dynamic. • The ability to concentrate on your message and your audience. How to gain confidence In anything you do, the greater your confidence in yourself and your abilities, the stronger your impact. That’s not cockiness, mind you. It’s being prepared. It’s knowing how to take control of yo

True situational Analysis of Life

*True situational Analysis of Life.* After Secondary School... Some of our classmates have gone out of the country, Others have completed universities and are now Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Pilots, Lawyers, Administrators, etc. Some have married, Some have given birth... Some are dead, (Don't forget that too) And others are confined in psychiatric homes. Some are doing their masters programme, Ph.D., etc. Some haven't even gained admission into the tertiary institution. Some own companies, Some are now Directors and majority shareholders of huge companies. But how do you feel When you meet your classmate, and it seems like he/she has reached his dreams And you're not yet close to yours? So many thoughts run through your mind. How about the one you meet on the street wearing dirty rags and feeds on the refuse dumps and drinks from the gutters? Do you get the same thoughts running through your mind? First God has not been fair to you.